Update to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Lands on ASUS Transformer Tablet


With a note on the official Facebook page, the team of ASUS Italy announces the release of update to Android 4.1.1 for a variety of Transformer tablets.

The Jelly Bean comes on ASUS Transformer Prime TF201, bringing with it several new features, such as locking bar system enabled by default, the “Selecting multiple photos”, support for Dock Connect and remove Adobe Flash, WiFi Direct and Press Reader. The new software version is v10.4.2.15.

The top of the range of ASUS, the Transformer Pad TF700 Infinity is updated to the latest release of Google’s mobile OS. The new firmware version is v10.4.4.16 introduces a more responsive interface, improved JavaScript performance, expandable notifications, a new UI for the camera application, with automatic resizable widgets, Google Now, research voice, the “global file search” and Google Maps working in offline mode.

Jelly Bean finally arrives on the 3G version of the Transformer Pad TF300, and has already happened in the past weeks for the WiFi only version of the tablet. The update brings the firmware to version v10.4.3.4 and introduces new elements this the same for the two previous models.




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