Two most (Useless) Expensive Applications

So yes, as applications have been soaring in the mobile market, there are tonnes of apps that have been jazzed up just to show your wealth and perhaps, brag about your wealth to the world. Come to think of it. What exactly would it bring you if you have a ten thousand Indian rupee application lying aimlessly on your not-so-expensive screen? So, you may have purchased it for the slideshow purposes, but please, all of this has of no utmost concern to the girls who may flip through your phones to see you-know-what!

So let us talk about the initial three on our hotlist.

Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus:

Am I thinking right or am I actually thinking right? Of course, I am right! What is the use of a ten thousand Indian rupee horn which would stick onto your Smartphone’s screen and would sound like a blowing idiot whenever you would shake it. Oh yes, it would brighten your memories regarding the cup and it may also give you utmost pleasure when you would have an annoying horn to sound off any time. It may be the perfect company for you during your cheering, as if shattering eardrums with your shrill voices wasn’t enough.


Most Expensive App International:

Even the name sends hives and chills down my spine. This one is also for 10,000 INR. I would repeat and be sarcastic again about the same notion. What is the use of buying an application that would just add chaos on your screen? I mean, it would occupy an awful lot of space. Won’t you consider donating that money for charity or perhaps, buying your girlfriend an awful lot of sexy dresses? That would personally get you a lot of favour. Think about it!


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