Top Android Apps for Football Season

Thanks to smartphones and mobile Internet providers, football fans can keep track of their favorite players and teams like never before – even if they’re away from the living room. Here are the top Android apps for football season:

NFL Mobile

Verizon wireless subscribers and National Football League enthusiasts can take advantage of NFL’s signature Android mobile app. With NFL Mobile, fans can watch game highlights with a single click and can view stats, browse league standings and take advantage of seamless social media integration.

Although the app uses a lot of data and works best with Wi-Fi, it’s become the standard when it comes to apps for football season.

Yahoo Fantasy Football

For fantasy football fans, the Yahoo Fantasy Football app is the standard for fans who want to monitor their teams on-the-go. With this app, fantasy football gurus get full access to their Yahoo fantasy team including live updates, scores, stats and more.


For the college football enthusiast and sports fan in general, the WatchESPN app brings “the worldwide leader in sports” straight to Android smartphones. WatchESPN offers live streaming of sporting events, news and ESPN original shows from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPNU. With Watch ESPN, fans get portable access to ESPN’s sports networks 24/7.

ESPN ScoreCenter

Although ESPN ScoreCenter is an all-purpose sports tracking app, its NFL and college football modules offer especially in-depth coverage of the games. Football fans get access to play-by-play information, stats and scores in an easy-to-browse menu that provides a quick glimpse of all the day’s football action.

It’s October now, and football season is in full swing. Fans that don’t have some of the best Android football apps are missing out on convenient live-updates and information that could influence their fantasy football decisions or selections in their office pick-‘em pool.

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