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Samsung Galaxy S3 reaches 50 million sales


There was a time before the age of the touch screen based smartphones began, when Samsung had no chance of being among the elite. But times have changed, with the birth of the original Galaxy S they made a golden run right to the top and haven’t looked back. Since the arrival of touch based smartphones Samsung’s Galaxy S series have been the most successful Android device the international market, and South Korea’s manufacturing giants have achieved yet another milestone with their third generation flagship smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S3.

According to Samsung’s chief JK Shin, they have managed to sell an amazing 50 million Galaxy S3 units worldwide. Despite being almost a year old, people still seem to have immense interest in Samsung’s Galaxy S3. It was also revealed that they are current in the process of combining their very own operating system BADA into Tizen and the first smartphone with this upcoming operating system will available in the market soon. However given the Samsung Galaxy S3’s success there is no doubt that the new front runner the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a lot to live up to. With such a big mounted to overcome in order to surpass its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S4 will the product to keep your eye on, but according to many well known analysts the Samsung Galaxy S4 has all the quality it needs in order to far surpass its predecessor and may even reach an enormous 100 million sales. But only time will tell if this prediction comes true or not.

The S-Voice Application on the Samsung Galaxy S3

S-Voice APK is with the Samsung Galaxy S3, and is comparable to iPhone’s, Siri. Do you have an Android phone? Do you want to try S-Voice? Well here it is, fresh from the Samsung Galaxy S3. You can enjoy the S-Voice APK on your mobile phone with Android.

The S-Voice only works on Samsung mobiles with ICS. However, Nexus is an exception that was found. The S-Voice is so far the best voice assistant on Android.

Samsung Galaxy S3 comes a day early for pre-order customers in the UK

Here’s some good news for those who have pre-ordered the phone from the Samsung at Westfield Stratford City. According to Samsung Mobile UK, buyers will be able to collect the amazing smartphones the night before its official launch date on May 30. Therefore, if you’re in town on May 29, pay a visit to the Samsung store starting from 6 PM, and you’ll be coming home with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

20120519-142132.jpgFor those who haven’t pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3, note that you won’t be able to buy the phone on May 29 in stores, as the stocks are strictly reserved for those who have made the pre-order.