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Instagram is Now Updated on Android


After upgrading Instagram iPhone, there are also updates of the mobile app for the Android platform. The version is 1.1.4 and is compatible with smartphones and tablet with the version 2.2 or Froyo or higher.

The updates include:

– Ability to share pictures taken and edited on Instagram to Facebook . The share will be automatically associating the Instagram account to the social network.

– The application can be installed or updated directly from the official Google Play.


The S-Voice Application on the Samsung Galaxy S3

S-Voice APK is with the Samsung Galaxy S3, and is comparable to iPhone’s, Siri. Do you have an Android phone? Do you want to try S-Voice? Well here it is, fresh from the Samsung Galaxy S3. You can enjoy the S-Voice APK on your mobile phone with Android.

The S-Voice only works on Samsung mobiles with ICS. However, Nexus is an exception that was found. The S-Voice is so far the best voice assistant on Android.

Temple Run App Has Been Updated

If you have problems with your Temple Run app, then here’s a good news: Temple Run has been updated to fix “compatibility issues with Android 4.x ICS devices”. Imangi Studios seem to have fixed the major problems. Temple Run now runs flawlessly your Android device will no longer crash when you exit the app. If you are having this problem, simply uninstall reinstall the application.

20120519-141213.jpgAccording to the “What’s New” section, along with the ICS compatibility changes, this release offers general bug fixes, as well as resolving a problem that caused low resolution textures to be used on high DPI devices. Imangi Studios are keen to hear about any bugs from users and mention that they “are committed to making Temple Run the best game on Android!”

Facebook and Twitter: Correcting their Interface

Facebook and Twitter. Two of the most downloaded and used application in the android operating system, has given an update that fixes some bugs in their interface.

Twitter for Android aims that from now on, it will improve user experience. The update fixes the problem of avatars not showing in terminals running on Android 2.0 or 2.1; improved synchronization; Top Tweets are arranged along with some other errors that are not detailed.

Meanwhile, the Facebook application enhanced their interface by modifying some parts of its interface design, by having less wasted available space on the screen by the different elements that occupy it. The images are now larger, lesser icons, and there is an improved navigation and usability.

Google Authenticator

Google presents this free application for Android devices, which allows you to improve the security of your Google account, for products like Gmail, Google Analytics, and more. The Google Authenticator generates verification codes to protect your identity in a 2-step verification.

Installing this application will get extra security for your Google account as well as your regular password. Upon isntalling this, you must enter the unique code generated by your phone. The Google Authenticator has an automatic installation through QR codes, and supports for multiple accounts. This free app for Android is available in several languages.

Crazy Snowboard

Possibly the first Android game of Snowboard with over 9 million players.

Use special moves in the air, use different snowboards and enjoy its intuitive control.

Some of its features are:

  • 3D graphics.
  • 30 different missions.
  • 13 snowboarders to unlock.
  • Objects to smash down the road (zombies, elves or snowmen)
  • More than 16 tricks to make your table.

It also has an innovative ” Wireless Control” that lets you use your phone as a controller to play on your Android tablet.

MSN Messenger Mercury

If you’re looking for Android applications, MSN Messenger Mercury is what you are looking for. It’s fast, no crashes, very easy to use, the interface is very similar to MSN Messenger for PC and you can get updates constantly.

This application for Android has several features in MSN Messenger, such as:

  • File Transfer
  • Voice clips
  • Group Chat
  • Invisible Registry
  • Multiple MSN accounts
  • Offline messaging
  • Displays the currently playing song
  • Improved application launcher
  • Switch between conversations and contact lists
  • Notification events (received messages, contacts, online)
  • Notifications: status bar, vibration, sound, led
  • Chat with your MSN and Yahoo
  • Available in multiple languages, up to 24
  • When the phone starts

The latest version (for all versions of Android, supporting App2SD) comes with the following changes:

  • New search menu in the contact list
  • Displays list of contacts and faster accounts
  • Improved contacts without groups out of place
  • Friend requests arranged, displaying all the messages including plain
  • Significant enhancement of memory usage on accounts with many contacts
  • Enhanced reconnection adds up attempts in the preferences

Download MSN Messenger Mercury in the Android Market and stay in touch with your friends anywhere.

Viber for Android

This application for Android lets you make calls and send messages for free with your contacts who also have Viber installed.

With exceptional sound quality on calls, these are some reasons why you should have this free Android application installed:

  • Its use is completely free and contains no ads.
  • No need to add contacts or user name, Viber scans the contacts stored in your phone and displays those using Viber.
  • Better sound quality than conventional GSM calls.
  • Use your 3G data connection or Wifi network.

Kids Piano Lite

Again an Android application for the children, so children learn while having fun using your smartphone.

With this free app for Android, your kids can simulate an 8-key piano to enhance the latent talent of your children. This application has a number of melodies and sounds that will surely delight even adults.

Kids Piano Lite is like a music box with auto-play for the whole family to sing along. It also has a “baby mode” where there is a built-in recording function. If you like music and you have little ones at home, it is not good excuse not to try Kids Piano Lite.

Cartoon Wars for Android

Meet the arcade war game you can enjoy for hours guaranteed!

With an excellent track record in the Android Market, this Android game is free. With a combination of explosive and addictive features, this is just what we were expecting.

Mixing tower defense and RTS, Cartoon Wars gets the formula that appeals to casual gamers. Chaotic battles with white and black dolls battling hordes of enemies that are ready to attack your position.

Some of its features include: 

  • Infinite number of levels, where your skills are what counts.
  • More than 20 different units to level up and customize.
  • Help your units to be combat veterans with a flawless strategy.
  • Compete with other players in around the world.

Street View for Android


With Street View on Google Maps, you can explore the world at street level.

See popular landmarks, check out places you want to visit in your hometown or far away, and take a virtual trip around the world.

To use Street View, open Google Maps, search for a place or long-press the map, and tap the Street View option. To learn more about Street View and see where it’s available, visit maps.google.com/streetview.