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Blackberry – Some Thoughts

There are these numerous drinks and beverages available? And individuals they delight in having them, fix? Social drinking, light drinking and/or drinking for that mild high is something that takes place regularly in our societies and in the majority of cultures is not towered above. Depending on the type of drinks that one likes there is a large range of these beverage drink dishes to select from. Brandy makes for among the very popular forms of drinks and while there are different sort of brands available, the blackberry brandy is a relatively great twist to the tale. It does not taste like the routine brandy that people might be used to, but it brings with it a sort of an obtained taste that numerous pertain to like. Blackberry brandy often makes use of as an appetizer, or an accompaniment to desserts and is downed with utmost pleasure. In the post that follows, we will take a look at the different blackberry brandy drinks and how to go about making these cocktails.

Blackberry brandy is made through a computed process where the blackberries are crushed then executed a process of fermentation. After the fermentation process is full, the liquor is appearing and this then takes the type of blackberry brandy. It is from this basic recipe that different brands are appeared. Amongst these, the Polish blackberry brandy is considered an excellent option to make.

You’ve come to the right location if you are thinking about making the switch to a Blackberry and require a little bit more persuasion. I’m going to list out a few of the major reasons why I initially fell in love with a Blackberry and why I still utilize one nearly 6 years later.

Along with being used as a beverage, it likewise makes use of for its medicinal purposes. It is stated that the real blackberry brandy treatments varied stages of diarrhea and for that reason is utilized as a home treatment.

Moving The Discussion Forward

In its commercial form, the fundamental recipe is customized according to the different taste choices. Let us see the type of drinks that it comes up with.

Divide the blackberries equally and then introduce them in different jars (the variety of jars will depend on how big the jars are).

Now divide the sugar equally such that the exact same quantity can be added into all the jars. Pour the sugar over the berries.

Pour the brandy into the jars so that it fills the container entirely. Close the jar shut and shake well so that all the components blend correctly.

Located in the freezer and stir periodically so that it does not harden however, gets a semi frozen consistency.

Depending upon the consistency that you’re seeking to get, eliminate from freezer and serve when it is semi-frozen and has a slushy texture.

A blackberry brandy makes for a extremely different and special option of beverage. While some say that it is a gotten taste, others totally like it for the distinct taste that it has to provide. So if you’ve never had anything like this before, possibly it’s time you attempt some and choose whether you like it or not.

BB 9720 – A Review

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Blackberry is back in the arena with a huge bang – the Blackberry 9720. With its splendid design and sensational display 9720 is swaying away swaying people off. Blackberry 9720 was announced in August for its potential customers. It runs on the older BlackBerry 7.1 OS rather than the new and sleek BB10 OS. It is totally affordable and appealing for those looking for an amazing yet budget-friendly phone. BB 9720 has an internal memory of 512 MB a micro SD card up to 32 GB can be inserted. BlackBerry 9720 has Micro-SIM Card Slots and will support all GSM based networks. The display and design of BB are extremely fashionable and elite. It has a 2.8 inch display screen with the perfect and shapely typical BB curves and the standard qwerty keyboard. The phone weighs 120g along with the battery. In blackberry 9720, there is a dedicated and sensitive Volume Lock Power. It is available in different shades – black, white, purple, blue and pure pink. BlackBerry has improved the display with IPS LCD Capacitive touch screen capable to display 16M Colors with a multi touch. It also supports display orientation sensor which helps you to rotate screen in any view angle feasible for you. The rear camera is 5 MP with LED flash, geo tagging and image stabilization feature. It has a stereo FM radio with RDS. It has a li-ion 1450 mAh battery which has splendid battery timing up to 432 hrs and a talk time up to 7 hr and a music play up to 30 hr.


At some moment of time, blackberry was called ‘the blackberry’, when the fruit solely became a desire for everyone in terms of the cellphone. Today, blackberry has been positioned as the least wanted phone according to reports posted worldwide. Since its inception, blackberry has also been struggling some bugs which were hopefully straightened out.

Also, during the last year, an official had made it his target to make success achieve for Blackberry but it was all a hopeless dream. Where Android and Iphone stand battling for the limelight, you can easily see blackberry fading away.

It was heard that Blackberry has failed to achieve the funds required to buy out the company and has also changed its creative director. Changing opinions do matter in a market where the sales have soared for its competition. There are quite a few invoices that we may consider before we actually bid farewell to Blackberry.

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During its inception, Blackberry had been seen making the headlines almost daily. Either the Blackberry storm made its headlines in a busy curtailing newspaper or the discovery of certain bugs made its way on television and also on the newspapers. It seems that phones and technology have been surpassed by Samsung which has the most amenable technology for which Apple even strives.

Regardless of the competitive world, Blackberry has tried to add more features, though people consider buying Android phones in contrast to Iphones or simple touch-key phones. This served to be a downfall for Blackberry as the sales marketed all the way from top to down in just a few years.

BlackBerry OS 10.1 update, more details revealed


The modern era of smartphone is dominated by Android and iOS, which creates a very tough position for exclusive ones such as the BlackBerry OS. However there are still many loyal BlackBerry users who prefer their simple and light OS over more functional ones. Fortunately for them BlackBerry is fighting on and has just announced more details about their upcoming BlackBerry OS 10.1 update, some of the notable new additions in this new update are features such as HDR photos , APN editor, new and improved notification system, ability to send PIN to PIN messages, and finally the paste support for their dial pad. Some other minor improvements include better Camera performance, improved typing and better battery performance. BlackBerry users have been asking for most of these features for a long time and hopefully this new update will be enough to keep them from switching to another manufacturer. One of the reasons that BlackBerry owners are still loyal to the manufacturer is their superior support, but if BlackBerry keeps delaying them , then this might just turn out to be the end of BlackBerry as we know it.

Android Has 68% of the Smartphones in the Market



The numbers come from research by IDC (a company specializing in market research), who calculated the market share of various mobile OS last year.

Android is still the undisputed master of the market, marking a record market share of 68.1% and 106.5% increase in one year.

Even iOS grows, although a slower main competitor. The market share in the second quarter of 2012 stood at a good 26%, with an annual growth of 27.5%.

BlackBerry and Symbian are confirmed in trouble and continue to lose large market shares, scoring 7.4% and 6.8% market share respectively. The drop in one year is embarrassing for both systems, amounting to a -40.9% to -62.9% for a BlackBerry and Symbian.

Good news however for Windows Phone, that despite modest numbers, it does mark a market share of 5.4% and the best growth year on year (115.3%).

All major OS have good cards to play for in the coming months.

Android 4.1 is already a reality and is being installed on all the latest smartphones. The iPhone OS 6 will come out in a few weeks and will launch the iPhone 5 in the moment of maximum visibility. Even the Windows Phone 8 is at the starting line and will focus on integration with the desktop operating system and the Xbox game console.

The BlackBerry 10 on the other hand, is a gamble. But, the foundations are good and can always count on a base of users are strongly linked to the brand.



Android Reigns in the U.S.A.!



Android does not only reign in the Europe area, but also in the USA, This is what emerged from the statistics made ​​by the analyst firm, Nielsen.

Android is the platform preferred by the Americans, and about 51.8% have an Android smartphone and 54.6% have purchased a home with the little robot from Google over the past 3 months. This data was taken before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III.

As what has happened in Italy and the USA, more than half the population use Android, but the remaining is divided among iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone. Android is surely the undisputed king of smartphones at this time. Android is an open source operating system, unlike the others, so you can change any device, install any APP, hack up and customize it in every way. Unlike the iPhone, you’ll need to jailbreak it, as well as other devices that can not be changed even.

What most people seek is the ability to do anything with the smartphone. Others seek an intuitive smartphone, cheap, maybe even physically beautiful and light. Well, Android has all these features. There are numerous Android devices on the market that are cheap, expensive, professional, amateur, with old and new versions.

Obviously, tastes are always tastes. There are users who opt for LG, Samsung or Sony, but the OS is always, and only Android.



Android, King of Europe. Windows, in Progress



A study once again demonstrates the dominance of  Android smartphones, especially in Europe. According to Kantar Worldpanel, Android is almost everywhere above the 50% market share.

Warning to the data: There is no final sales figures or operators (such as Gartner or IDC) but market share from a representative panel of consumers regularly audits it.

In France, the market share of Android is well spent in one year from 37.5% to 58.8% (to June). Spain is even better with one hand who won almost 43 points to 84%.

iOS down in France

Italy is the country where Android’s market share would claim the “lowest” with 49.6% against 25.3% a year ago.

The side of its challenger is directly the iOS. It is a logical difference since the Google OS is installed on a multitude of terminals for all ranges against one or two for IOS.

It is in Britain that the iPhone OS is the most powerful with a share of 25.6% against 20% a year ago. In France, iOS would be down with a share that increased from 17.9% to 14.7%. In Spain, iOS would represent only 3.2% of the park.

RIM, the makers of BlackBerry is declining in all surveyed countries. Its share fell 9 points in Great Britain at 10.6%. It was in France that the decline is less pronounced with 0.4 points to 9.5%. In Germany, Blackberry accounted for only 0.8%.

There is a rise of Windows Phone across Europe, particularly in Britain where the Microsoft OS had 1.7% to 3.7% in market share. In Germany, this share rises to 5.4%. In France, the Windows Phone has gained 0.9 points in one year to 2.5%.

Finally, it should be noted that France is the largest market for Bada (Samsung) with a share of 8.4% (against 11.2% in June 2011).



Android is the Platform of Choice in Spain


Spanish users of smartphones seem to have it clear: Android is the platform of choice, winning over the iOS. Is this the general trend seen in Europe? No. The majority mobile operating system on the continent is Apple, however, with Android heels.

Thus, while in Spain, 42% of market share is already Android and Apple is situated far in 24%. In Europe things are more at odds. Apple has 33% share, while Android is at 31%. But, taking a look at the evolution of recent months, it is not unreasonable to expect Google to go to the top spot soon. In December 2011, Android was only at 24%.

Where are the other platforms? In Spain, it is noteworthy that the platform that occupies third place is still BlackBerry, with 16.4%. Symbian, meanwhile, managed to stay still in fourth place, but with a market share that is very low. Symbian is only at 4.1%.