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iPad Air Gets Mixed Reactions from Netizens


ipadairApple’s newest full-sized tablet barely made the usual roar that its predecessor did. On the contrary, the most talked about aspect about the new tablet is the rather cold reception of the iPad users during its official launch date last November 1. Several Apple stores from all parts of the world noted significantly shorter lines for the iPad Air tablet, compared to the launching of iPad mini and iPhone 5c and 5s. Some outlets even expected bigger crowd, considering that Apple did not allow any pre-order for the latest tablet.

iPad air is the fifth installment of the full-sized Apple tablets, which first entered the market in 2010. In retains the classic 9.7-inch size, but only weighs 1 pound, making it the lightest and thinnest full-sized tablet to date. Apart from the improved external features, this new iPad is also equipped with the latest A7 processor of Apple, known to be the fastest so far.
Less than a week since the launching of the tablet, we have already gathered a bunch of interesting and diverse reactions on iPad air online.

Why people love it

Majority of the people who were eagerly waiting for the release of iPad Air are already users of either iPad 1 or iPad 2. Most of these stuck with their almost 9-inch tablets despite the massive success of iPad mini. Some people just need wider screen, and the forerunners of iPad air gave exactly just that. But, people were looking forward to iPad Air because of the promise of better mobility given the lightness of the tablet. That is besides the faster processor that comes with iPad Air. For some people, the improvements in iPad Air is beyond aesthetics, and it’s definitely a good catch for those who want to get their hands on the newest A7 processor of Apple. iPad Air is simply the most awaited upgrade for the tablets enthusiasts.

What the cynics say

Some reviews however claim that iPad Air offers nothing revolutionary. By this, people tend to compare the improvement from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4, or iPhone 5 to iPhone 5s. With this, they believe that iPad Air do not have the same value for money as the other gadget versions that Apple has released this year. These unmet expectations likewise prompted some avid tablet users to explore other powerful tablets in the market such as Google Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3. For loyal Apple users, buzz on the release of the iPad mini 2 with Retina display is widely circulating online, with Apple execs announcing its release within the month.

What do you think of iPad Air? Could this finally be the right tablet for you?

Apple iPhone 5S

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The new Apple iPhone 5s, where S means “same” brings along faster, new camera and a clever fingerprint reader. But is it enough of an upgrade? The iPhone 5S: a phone that looks like the iPhone 5, but goes so much more under the hood. Is that going to be enough to impress the consumers?


Apple obviously is known of this change, be it the unibody of the HTC One, or the new fight into low-light cameras or the need for a strong processor as a headline to shout about. And to be fair, it’s addressed these needs to some degree or other on the new iPhone 5S.


The design of this new iPhone is almost same to the previous one. theres not much really new here that’s going to help you work out if the person sitting next to you on the train is rocking a new phone.


But on the other hand that’s not necessarily a bad thing either; just because it’s not an unique design, this doesn’t make the iPhone 5S any less premium. It’s still a great phone to hold, coming with great things like the all-aluminium-and-glass chassis. Great no?


Apple has launched the new iPhone with not one, but two, chips that will help it become one of the most powerful phones in the market. The A7 and M7 chip are the new and big thing.


So to say that this is the best iPhone yet is pointless, as of course it was going to be. But the combination of iOS 7 freshen things up with a powerful core and great camera mean that this phone should be considered on its own advantagets, and while the high price will continue to put many off, anyone already addicted to the iPhone bandwagon, or even if they’re just on the fence, will find a lot of joy in a phone that’s a lot more than the new update.


At some moment of time, blackberry was called ‘the blackberry’, when the fruit solely became a desire for everyone in terms of the cellphone. Today, blackberry has been positioned as the least wanted phone according to reports posted worldwide. Since its inception, blackberry has also been struggling some bugs which were hopefully straightened out.

Also, during the last year, an official had made it his target to make success achieve for Blackberry but it was all a hopeless dream. Where Android and Iphone stand battling for the limelight, you can easily see blackberry fading away.

It was heard that Blackberry has failed to achieve the funds required to buy out the company and has also changed its creative director. Changing opinions do matter in a market where the sales have soared for its competition. There are quite a few invoices that we may consider before we actually bid farewell to Blackberry.

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During its inception, Blackberry had been seen making the headlines almost daily. Either the Blackberry storm made its headlines in a busy curtailing newspaper or the discovery of certain bugs made its way on television and also on the newspapers. It seems that phones and technology have been surpassed by Samsung which has the most amenable technology for which Apple even strives.

Regardless of the competitive world, Blackberry has tried to add more features, though people consider buying Android phones in contrast to Iphones or simple touch-key phones. This served to be a downfall for Blackberry as the sales marketed all the way from top to down in just a few years.

Android: A Magnet for Lawsuits


As part of the story that Fujifilm sued for patent violation against Motorola Mobility, a subsidiary of Google , the expert Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents, wonders why it is that attracts so many demands in the Android intellectual property. And Mueller does not refer to the so-called “trolls” patent, as they claim to everything that moves, including Apple.

They referred to companies that traded with market capitalizations of billions of dollars. Fujifilm is the seventh in a lawsuit for patent infringement against Android, joining Apple (with a market capitalization of 565.680 billion), Oracle (144.420 billion), Microsoft (246.900 billion), Gemalto (6.520 billion), British Telecom (27.020 billion) and Nokia (6.890 billion).

With Fujifilm (whose market value is 8.470 billion), the combined total market capitalization of the applicants amounted to 1.06 billion dollars. The market value of Google by comparison, is 188.000 billion.

However, the assessment of the enemies of Google is not what concerns Mueller, but the few facts.

“Companies who claim that Google’s Android violates its intellectual property are too diverse to believe in a conspiracy,” he writes.

In contrast, except for reactive or preventive claims made ​​by manufacturers of Android devices, Apple has been sued only by two large companies in recent years, Kodak and Nokia , and the dispute was resolved with the latter last year.

“Does Apple do a better job preventing violations of patents than Google? “asks Mueller.

“Does Apple do a better job preparing licensing agreements or non-aggression pacts with others in the industry? Honestly, I do not know what Apple does. Obviously, the company does not tell the public what their agreements with other sectors are. But whatever they do, they show the commercial success of a platform is just one of the relevant factors. Android’s problems with intellectual properties are not simply functions of its market share. There must be some fundamental problems “.

As a user of Android, Mueller said he hoped that Google contains their problems more effectively. But as is clear from public statements of its officers, he suspects they are in a state of denial.




Android Reigns in the U.S.A.!



Android does not only reign in the Europe area, but also in the USA, This is what emerged from the statistics made ​​by the analyst firm, Nielsen.

Android is the platform preferred by the Americans, and about 51.8% have an Android smartphone and 54.6% have purchased a home with the little robot from Google over the past 3 months. This data was taken before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III.

As what has happened in Italy and the USA, more than half the population use Android, but the remaining is divided among iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone. Android is surely the undisputed king of smartphones at this time. Android is an open source operating system, unlike the others, so you can change any device, install any APP, hack up and customize it in every way. Unlike the iPhone, you’ll need to jailbreak it, as well as other devices that can not be changed even.

What most people seek is the ability to do anything with the smartphone. Others seek an intuitive smartphone, cheap, maybe even physically beautiful and light. Well, Android has all these features. There are numerous Android devices on the market that are cheap, expensive, professional, amateur, with old and new versions.

Obviously, tastes are always tastes. There are users who opt for LG, Samsung or Sony, but the OS is always, and only Android.



Android: The King of the Smartphone World



A study of Wordpanel, Android arrives in pole position in Europe and worldwide. The market share now exceeds 50%, allowing it to become the king of the smartphone market.

This monopoly is also found as stated in the site, BeGeek, on French territory. Market share has increased significantly in just one year from 37.5 to 58.8%. This phenomenon is present across the globe , especially in Europe. This is the first Android success in covering half of the phone sales in the European Union.

The monopoly of the mobile OS was also strengthened in Spain with a market share which increased from 41 to 84%. The company does not achieve scores as miraculous in all countries, since Italy’s presence is low with 49.6%. Growth is still present over a year with a score of more points. As for Apple, it does not unanimously win particularly in France where a decline is estimated at 3 points. Android is strong in Spain, which may explain the sharp drop in the Apple phones. There would only be 3.2% of phones in the country.

Even if Apple lost market share, RIM is the one who suffers the biggest drop. This downward trend is indicated in all countries. In Germany, the company is well below 1%.




Samsung is Appealing Against the Decision of Block Sales of Galaxy Nexus in USA


As expected, Samsung in the past few hours has appealed the preliminary injunction which covered the block sales of the Galaxy Nexus in USA. The move of the Korean company is more obvious that, after the entire market of branded Nexus smartphone, it began to tremble.

The request from Samsung is based on the fact that Apple can not demonstrate that they have lost considerable market share because of the Galaxy Nexus, despite the court alleging that the Galaxy Nexus violated 604 patents. The Korean company relies on the impossibility Apple to show losses due to the Nexus series smartphones.

Samsung also claims that Apple has not demonstrated and can not demonstrate how the loss of market share is linked to a single function in the aforementioned 604 patent, and referred to “Universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system”.

The endless war between Samsung and Apple continues and seems to continue.

The Launch of BlueStacks Player App

Google have just announced the launch of the BlueStacks emulation software that allows applications to run Android on Mac OS, so that you can access your favorite mobile websites in a jiffy.

During the Google I / O conference held in San Francisco, it was noted that the emulator software allows Apple users to run Android applications on their computers running OS X.

In this first version initially, Player App BlueStacks run a total of 17 pre-installed applications including WhatsApp, Words With Friends and newsreader Press.

In response, the Player App for Mac at the moment is small compared to what Bluestacks offered for Windows, since this is a trial version.

However, the creators of software stressed that new tools are added each month to expand the number of applications available in order to reach more than 400,000 applications available on Google Play.

This, they argued that it is necessary to capture the attention of developers, who must adapt their programs to run on a OS X platform.

At the moment, the BlueStacks Player App for IOS is free. Since this is a new version, you may experience some failures. Therefore, specialists stressed that it is advisable to wait for the Windows version—the stable version to be released.

Android is the Platform of Choice in Spain


Spanish users of smartphones seem to have it clear: Android is the platform of choice, winning over the iOS. Is this the general trend seen in Europe? No. The majority mobile operating system on the continent is Apple, however, with Android heels.

Thus, while in Spain, 42% of market share is already Android and Apple is situated far in 24%. In Europe things are more at odds. Apple has 33% share, while Android is at 31%. But, taking a look at the evolution of recent months, it is not unreasonable to expect Google to go to the top spot soon. In December 2011, Android was only at 24%.

Where are the other platforms? In Spain, it is noteworthy that the platform that occupies third place is still BlackBerry, with 16.4%. Symbian, meanwhile, managed to stay still in fourth place, but with a market share that is very low. Symbian is only at 4.1%.


Nuance Updates Swype for Android


Swype, a virtual keyboard available on Android that lets you drag a letter to another rather than tapping on each key, is entitled to a significant update. Nuance, its creator, has this update as the “new generation” of Swype.

XT9, a tool for correcting data entry errors was added, but, it is mainly a mechanism that is based on typed text (SMS, social networks, etc.) to predict words that makes the new Swype interesting. Over time, the system analyzes the terms most frequently used for proposing when typing.

Dictation is also available with a button dedicated to it. This course is a homemade solution from Nuance that is responsible for transcribing the spoken text. The new version of Swype has already begun to be distributed to manufacturers of Android smartphone.

According to Nuance, the keyboard would be installed on 200 million terminal products by twenty different partners.

“I urge Apple to integrate Swype,” said Clubic Schmald Reimund, marketing director for EMEA.

Apple Blocks the Delivery of HTC One X and Evo 4G LTE to U.S. Markets

A related patent battle has resulted in serious delays in deliveries from the HTC smartphones in the U.S.. Customs cargo hold the models HTC One X and HTC Evo 4G LTE indefinitely, following a lawsuit from Apple.

As reported by the specialized site, The Verge, they have confirmed that indeed, several shipments of such phones models had been held before entering the country. The HTC One X, in particular, is sold in the AT & T online shop, as well as many physical stores.

Apple had already succeeded in December a resolution of the International Trade Commission U.S. against the import of HTC devices with Android operating system, due to a lawsuit regarding patent # 5,946,647 of the company on the block, which covers the automatic conversion of phone numbers and e-mail links that open menus of options.

The decision meant that HTC, which had tried unsuccessfully to strike back at Apple with a lawsuit based on Android patents, could not continue selling phones in the U.S. that violated the patent as of April 19, 2012. The Taiwanese company now faces an investigation by the U.S. Customs Service, which is determining whether those features have been removed from these devices.