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Android – What?

Are you trying to find an incredible new phone that will impress not only your best friends however you, too? Look no more, even for the Miphone A3 has everything you need and more! A very Smartphone, the Miphone A3 will fulfill all your expectations and provide you with extra things you never believed you ‘d need or perhaps desire.

The updates are just for the software as one can see that the phone will certainly still look the futuristic device that it is now with its 4.65 inch very AMOLED screen, 5 MP primary cam and no physical buttons in the front. You definitely can not manage to miss on this exciting phone.

Just by taking a look at the 3.5 inch screen – yes, that’s 3.5 inches, not just 3.2 – you’ll know that the phone is the mobile phone for you. And when you turn it on and see it keep up its Google Android 1.5, you’ll realize that this phone is a must.

moving on from that thought…

The integrated G-sensor (which senses gravity) greatly boosts your time using the Miphone A3. This remarkable mobile phone will certainly pick up motion while you’re paying attention to all your favorite MP3s on the MP3 gamer, and it’ll feel where it’s being held and what’s going on while you view your motion pictures in MP4 format, all in this resourceful portable device. Oh, and just in case you get tired of paying attention to the exact same tunes over and over again, the phone supports FM radio, so you can pay attention to virtually anything.

And Now For The Best Of Android

You know those camera phones that do not take photos in great quality at all? Well, forget that since with the Miphone A3, you’ll have your own integrated 3.0 mega pixel camera to take with you everywhere! That’s quite high quality images you’ll be taking.

Simply in case you like working on the go, or having all your files in one practice area, the Miphone A3 has Microsoft Office Suite applications, consisting of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Oh, and if you’re stressed over not having the ability to see these files that were conserved in PDF format, you can forget that since this Smartphone lets you view those, too.

So just how much can this phone truly do, and just how much can it keep in mind? That is ultimately up to you. With the Miphone A3, you can pick any size memory card you such as, all the way from 256MB to 8GB! So don’t worry about not having enough memory, and certainly do not worry about buying too much memory! Choose whatever fits you and your requirements best.

The Miphone A3 has Quadband support, and for anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, you’ll always have people to help you with your phone if you’re fixing. And you can ignore attempts to speak English if it’s not your native language – the phone has multi-language support.

Viber Finally Launched for BlackBerry OS 5 and OS 7

Viber on smartphoneRecently Viber has grown a lot in popularity and has become the must have application for almost all platforms. Though most of the other platforms have had Viber for quite a while now, BlackBerry OS was among the unfortunate few that didn’t have the privilege of experiences Viber. However after releasing the application in major platforms such Android and iOS , Viber has finally started to pay some attention the Blackberry OS and as a result has finally launched the application for BlackBerry OS 5 and OS 7. Unfortunately BlackBerry OS will not receive this application due to technical problems, regardless the major reason why BlackBerry’s older OS are getting all the attention all of a sudden lies in their registration rates, as it turns out almost 15 thousand registrations are made through BlackBerry Smartphones per day, whic leads to an estimate 175 million users (globally) that are using Viber as their VoIP across all major platforms. This also means Viber has become one of the most successful VoIP of all time and are soon catching up to Skype which currently holds the number 1 VoIP spot, but if things keep going the way they have, it won’t be long before Viber dethrones Skype as the leading VoIP on mobile platforms. Also keep in mind Viber has a technical advantage over Skype as it can run silently without interrupting your daily work making it a better VoIP overall, so there is a high possibility that Skype will soon lose out to Viber unless they do something innovative.

Samsung Galaxy S4 price leaked

Samsung-Galaxy-S4-Official-PriceDuring Thursday’s official Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement in New York, Samsung Mobile chief JK Shin revealed some hints about the release date but cleverly avoided all the questions related to the upcoming flagships pricing. However it seems that Samsung intentionally leaked them on their official website in terms and condition of an ongoing giveaway. According to the leak The Samsung Galaxy S4’s approximate retail value (tax free) is $579. Even though the leaked price is without any kind of taxes it still gives us a rough idea about the eventual pricing and even with the tax added it probably won’t surpass iPhone 5’s $649 price tag, making it a great alternative for smartphone lovers all over the world. But keep in mind that the price is yet to be released officially so the final pricing may differ from the leaked one.

Android Has 68% of the Smartphones in the Market



The numbers come from research by IDC (a company specializing in market research), who calculated the market share of various mobile OS last year.

Android is still the undisputed master of the market, marking a record market share of 68.1% and 106.5% increase in one year.

Even iOS grows, although a slower main competitor. The market share in the second quarter of 2012 stood at a good 26%, with an annual growth of 27.5%.

BlackBerry and Symbian are confirmed in trouble and continue to lose large market shares, scoring 7.4% and 6.8% market share respectively. The drop in one year is embarrassing for both systems, amounting to a -40.9% to -62.9% for a BlackBerry and Symbian.

Good news however for Windows Phone, that despite modest numbers, it does mark a market share of 5.4% and the best growth year on year (115.3%).

All major OS have good cards to play for in the coming months.

Android 4.1 is already a reality and is being installed on all the latest smartphones. The iPhone OS 6 will come out in a few weeks and will launch the iPhone 5 in the moment of maximum visibility. Even the Windows Phone 8 is at the starting line and will focus on integration with the desktop operating system and the Xbox game console.

The BlackBerry 10 on the other hand, is a gamble. But, the foundations are good and can always count on a base of users are strongly linked to the brand.



Android Reigns in the U.S.A.!



Android does not only reign in the Europe area, but also in the USA, This is what emerged from the statistics made ​​by the analyst firm, Nielsen.

Android is the platform preferred by the Americans, and about 51.8% have an Android smartphone and 54.6% have purchased a home with the little robot from Google over the past 3 months. This data was taken before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III.

As what has happened in Italy and the USA, more than half the population use Android, but the remaining is divided among iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone. Android is surely the undisputed king of smartphones at this time. Android is an open source operating system, unlike the others, so you can change any device, install any APP, hack up and customize it in every way. Unlike the iPhone, you’ll need to jailbreak it, as well as other devices that can not be changed even.

What most people seek is the ability to do anything with the smartphone. Others seek an intuitive smartphone, cheap, maybe even physically beautiful and light. Well, Android has all these features. There are numerous Android devices on the market that are cheap, expensive, professional, amateur, with old and new versions.

Obviously, tastes are always tastes. There are users who opt for LG, Samsung or Sony, but the OS is always, and only Android.



Android: The King of the Smartphone World



A study of Wordpanel, Android arrives in pole position in Europe and worldwide. The market share now exceeds 50%, allowing it to become the king of the smartphone market.

This monopoly is also found as stated in the site, BeGeek, on French territory. Market share has increased significantly in just one year from 37.5 to 58.8%. This phenomenon is present across the globe , especially in Europe. This is the first Android success in covering half of the phone sales in the European Union.

The monopoly of the mobile OS was also strengthened in Spain with a market share which increased from 41 to 84%. The company does not achieve scores as miraculous in all countries, since Italy’s presence is low with 49.6%. Growth is still present over a year with a score of more points. As for Apple, it does not unanimously win particularly in France where a decline is estimated at 3 points. Android is strong in Spain, which may explain the sharp drop in the Apple phones. There would only be 3.2% of phones in the country.

Even if Apple lost market share, RIM is the one who suffers the biggest drop. This downward trend is indicated in all countries. In Germany, the company is well below 1%.




Apple Blocks the Delivery of HTC One X and Evo 4G LTE to U.S. Markets

A related patent battle has resulted in serious delays in deliveries from the HTC smartphones in the U.S.. Customs cargo hold the models HTC One X and HTC Evo 4G LTE indefinitely, following a lawsuit from Apple.

As reported by the specialized site, The Verge, they have confirmed that indeed, several shipments of such phones models had been held before entering the country. The HTC One X, in particular, is sold in the AT & T online shop, as well as many physical stores.

Apple had already succeeded in December a resolution of the International Trade Commission U.S. against the import of HTC devices with Android operating system, due to a lawsuit regarding patent # 5,946,647 of the company on the block, which covers the automatic conversion of phone numbers and e-mail links that open menus of options.

The decision meant that HTC, which had tried unsuccessfully to strike back at Apple with a lawsuit based on Android patents, could not continue selling phones in the U.S. that violated the patent as of April 19, 2012. The Taiwanese company now faces an investigation by the U.S. Customs Service, which is determining whether those features have been removed from these devices.

Fifa 12

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Android 5.0 For Desktop PCs?

Android 5.0 , the new version of Google’s mobile operating system, is yet to come on the market and already promises sparks. In addition to the items they want Android Jelly Bean with the dual boot feature, now you also talk about a new feature that lets you use your smartphone as a trackpad on a desktop or laptop. Perhaps we are dealing with an early version of Android as the operating system to itself for laptop and desktop computers?

This is a novelty that, if developed and completed successfully, would allow to unite the world in a very strong smartphone and desktop world, having a single operating system, regardless of the device in use.

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