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Android Virus Clones Instagram, Angry Birds

Trend Micro, a company specializing in computer security and PC smartphones, has kindly sent an e-mail to announce that they had discovered two new viruses on Android .

Android is often the target chosen by the programmers of malware. The malware falls on Instagram today. Trend Micro has discovered a site strongly resembling the official one, but since its “clone” version is downloaded, it results to a malicious software. It’s the same for Angry Birds Space.

The user believes he was able to download the games successfully, but actually ends up with a virus detected under the name “ANDROIDOS_SMSBOXER.A” that will prompt the user to send an SMS to be able to use the application. The malware will then send messages to various issues and attempt to download other malicious files.

Other games are also involved including Fruit Ninja or Temple Run. The threat relates primarily to the time since the Android OS enables download applications other than on Google Play. However, vigilance is recommended for owners of jailbroken iDevice, although it is better to check sources before using Cydia.

To improve the security of Android phones we’ve compiled a shopping guide of the best applications designed for this purpose.

Malware for Google Android: the problems continue to grow

The number of malware that are created for smartphones continues to grow. And ‘this is the result of research that was conducted by Kaspersky Lab, a manufacturer eponymous anti-virus software. According to figures that were released in 2010 were discovered 153 new families of malware for smartphones, which have developed about 1,000 new virus variants, while the 2011 data are in sharp increase: 178 and 5,255 new families of malware different variants discoveries. The 2012 is likely to be even worse from this point of view.

Every week that passes, therefore, increase the risks for our smartphone, but what are the phones most at risk? It is not surprising that 65% of new malware that were created last year have been aimed Android , the Google operating system. In second place we find this particular ranking Java, with 27% of malware, then Symbian , with about 7% and finally Windows Phone , with only 1%.

What are the biggest risks to users? Theft of data and sensitive information in the first place, such as telephone calls, text messages, photographs and video. The malware more “bad” from this point of view, however, are even able to take control of the phone of the victim and, for example, to start phone calls.

Because Android is the operating system most affected by malware in general? Certainly the prevalence of the operating system itself makes it an easy target. If we consider that the operating system was developed from Linux, an open source platform, therefore, behold, it becomes easier to understand how and where to attack Android. Finally, Google has never put great controls that users can upload app on his Android Market, which will certainly ease the spread of viruses and malicious code.