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Google Wallet App is Requesting for Root Permission

There seems to b something odd going on with the Google Wallet app. After a the app’s recent update, it seems to be requesting for root access. The initial report says that nothing has changed with the Google Wallet that would need root access.

20120520-152350.jpgSome suggested that Google is doing this to check if a phone is rooted or not, so that they can deny access. However, the app has worked for some users. whether they grant access to it or not.
Another odd thing is that, other users were not able to use Google Wallet after allowing it root access, but were able to use it once they disallowed it. Nothing in the changelog suggests that Google has made this change.

Mystique Chapter 3: Obitus for Android

This time, the terror and action takes place in two different environments: the hospital basement and a hellish alternate world. Mystique Chapter 3: Obitus for Android is a game that features fully animated characters. You’ll find plenty of challenging puzzles, too. It is recommended to play this game for the first time with the lights off to experience a hair raising adventure.

Price: $ 2.99
Version: 1.1.2
Updated: June 5, 2010
Author: LLC Bendroid
Size: 7.31 MB

To download and install this game for Android,use your QR code reader

1. Open your browser QR code.

2. Aim Android phone camera to the QR code below and scan it.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions to continue with the installation of this game for Android

SFR Anti-Spam Application

Fed up being flooded with spam on your mobile line? Then hurry and download the new SFR Anti-Spam application.

After installation, you will only need to run this once for you to enjoy the service on your smartphone. Indeed, although the application is called SFR Anti-Spam, it is not seen exclusively limited to a single operator, but is indeed compatible with all telephone operators.

In detail, here are some information on the application:

  • Automatic detection of SMS SPAM and fake missed calls which lead you to remember premium rate numbers. These SPAM no longer appear in your posts or in your call log. They are stored in the application
  • Free and immediate reporting to 33700, the number of fight against SPAM, to make your application more efficient
  • Your own blacklist to block unwanted numbers and not be assaulted by unwanted calls and messages
  • The application is 1 MB and is available for free download at the Play Store

Radiant Defense for Android


Finally, it only took a few days for the Hexage studio to give us their latest title. So if you’re in the mood to defend the galaxy from alien invasion, then get ready to play the Radiant Defense. In detail, here is the main information about the game:

  • Whole world of Radiant in a Tower Defense (TD)
  • Raise their own lines of defense to cope with waves of enemies
  • Over 300 waves of aliens in 10 different locations
  • 9 upgradeable weapons to crush the aliens with style
  • 3 super weapons of mass destruction to greater pleasure
  • Share his scores in line with other players
  • Game soundtrack sound produced by Kubatko

DoomGles for Android

The legendary game Doom arrives on a new version of android and this time with graphics and details its creators say is the best. The game has dubbed DoomGles and of course is the same game with the same storyline and scenario we had in PC, ported to the android platform including support for OpenGL.

Thanks to this last Doom Gless is able to offer some 3D graphics had not previously achieved with this game in android, effects such as blood spatter, dynamic lighting, shadows, particle effects, monsters and various 3D animals, and realistic water effects. In short, all those things that highlights a game transports us to another world.

DoomGles is not free and costs of 1.59 €.

Create your own animated collage with PhotoWall Live Wallpaper


PhotoWall Live Wallpaper is an animated wallpaper with the peculiarity that you can create an animated background with your own photos that you have in your Android device. This allows many configurations to finish customizing the background to your liking.
Some of the many adjustments will be such as to change the way you display the images on our mobile background—puzzle, fade, wall, and polaroid. The polaroid comes by default in the free version.

With the latest update, you will not only have the pictures stored on your device, but you can set in on your Facebook album or Picasa.

There is a free version with some limitations in the configuration and/or personalization. To get the full version, it will be in a reasonable price of 0.79 cents.

TuneIn Radio for Android

The music has always been with us throughout our lives, road trips to work or home, even when playing sports or even in a moment of rest while lying in bed.

TuneIn Radio for Android is a new way to listen to any station in the world wherever you are. If you want to hear music, sports, news and events of last minute, TuneIn Radio offer us more than 50 thousand stations anywhere in the world and not just so that we stored in the memory of your phone.

Having secured more than 50 thousand channels sorted by category, among them we can find music, news or podcasts that include sports, talk, news, and weather. This certainly has a very large range of options in choosing what you want to hear. It also offers a wonderful opportunity to hear your local AM or FM Radio. This surely is an indispensable application for our tablet or android smartphone.

TuneIn Radio gives us access to broadcasters around the world. It has a simple interface from the main screen you can choose from these options:

  • Local Radio
  • Recommended
  • Music
  • News
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • By Location
  • Podcast

WordPress for Android

Mobile systems are increasingly booming and we see in day to day with the number of smartphones that are sold and the number of links to our pages that come from these terminals. WordPress is very aware of this while also adapting its platform for better navigation from these terminals also note that these same devices are used to add content to the web.

WordPress has applications that are designed to work in IOS terminals like the iPhone or the iPhone and now announces the renewal and updating of the application devoted to Android, including full compatibility with terminals tablet.


209x350 android wordpress WordPress application for android almost completely renewed including support for tablets2 209x350 android wordpress WordPress application for android almost completely renewed including support for tablets3 209x350 android wordpress WordPress application for android almost completely renewed including support for tablets

With this new version of WordPress for Android interface has been redesigned to us access to edit or write new blog entries, edit and manage comments that are inserted into the site. Also, the site is hosted by the WordPress.com platform that has direct access from this application to the statistics of visits.

It was given a thorough washing of face and both menus available to them, this same application now being fully compatible with Android tablets and very comfortable now use these devices. To create entries via this application for android WordPress only have a semi graphical editor that enables us to include links, format text with some basic options, or insert an image we have in the terminal or directly make the decision, sufficient to make an entry in the blog via these terminals.

Tank Riders: Fulfill your fantasy of a child and drive your own tank

Today is your lucky day. Today is the day you meet that little erotic fantasy not drive a tank, as well as hear each other, with projectile missiles, plate armor and slow the battlefield. I’m talking about the game Tank Riders, a fun game that should not miss on your Android.

Recruits Wanted!

Suitable for face countless enemies, there are vacancies in the 153rd Squadron, which will have to use with your mates a tank and go killing all the enemies you see on your way.

What we get in return?

Honor! That’s something you can not ever buy and it’s something you must get in return for your effort and dedication.

The theme of the game is entertaining and fun, certain occasions, when we take a few missions prove a bit repetitive, monotonous and something always in the same pond. The multiplayer mode helps a little in that respect, getting out of campaign mode to get into the online world.

What if you will notice at first is the difficulty of moving and controlling the firing of the tank, unlike Gunbros or Guerrilla Bob must control yourself where you want to point from the screen, something that is very uncomfortable, because if for example the tank is situated in the upper hand we move to top.

The game is available on the Google Play at a price of 1.52 euros.


Photos of ‘Barcelona, ​​Yesterday, and Today’

If you like the city of Barcelona and would like to learn more about what the city for years, with this application, ” Barcelona, ​​Yesterday and Today “, you can travel through time, from Barceloneta to the Tibidabo, and compare more than 150 parts of the city (and more will be added on a regular basis) of how they are today and how it was 100 years ago.

The application will let you know when you are located near one of the photos stored in the register and send a notice to your Android. With this, you can buy the real situation of decades. You also have access to the full list of sites you have, located on a map, satellite view ,and even augmented reality.

Results and Betting

If you are someone who likes football, basketball or tennis, or you want to stay informed at all times of the results and also know where and how to perform your best bet sports? Then let SportyTrader be your ally.

Find out the results soccer, tennis and basketball in real time from your phone with Android at any time, quickly, and free. Furthermore, SportyTrader can follow the evolution of the matches of your favorite team alerts. The application has a section where you can bet good forecasts, choosing the best return possible available for your bet.

-Football, Tennis and Basketball 
- Results and live scores. 
- Live Alerts goals. 
- Classifications. 
- Forecasts football, tennis and basketball 
- Tips on sports betting and odds comparison. 
- Tips to bet live.