Surge in Smartphones and Tablets to drive the demand for data centers further forward

Most recent surveys predict that by 2016 there will be close to 8 billion handheld and mobile ready-to-go devices across the planet. Even that seems like a pretty conservative estimation as an economic upswing in world markets in the coming years could see a far greater number in 4 years time.

While this places an incredible amount of demand on network carriers and also offers a wide array of features for mobile and tablet users, the latest upswing in the use of handheld gadgets seems like pretty good news for data centers across the globe as well.

The latest tech reports indicate that for every 120 tablet or smartphone devices, there is a necessity of a single server to competently and quickly handle all the web-based traffic that they create.

Considering how 60 percent of the current smartphone market is Android-centric and how Android tablets are also expanding in their reach with each passing day, they would constitute a majority of these 8 billion handheld devices that place a demand on those who are handling web-traffic.

The need for servers is universal and while some firms are starting to realize the merits of having their very own servers, many firms are opting for server facilities provided by leading data centers like Next Connex, which offer wholesale data centre services along with the necessary internet infrastructure to go along. The demand for world class server facilities and providers is constantly on the up and the fact that future handheld devices would require further grid support only means that there will be continuing demand for both servers as well as data centers as they provide the necessary support without forcing companies to spend both time and resources on infrastructure.

As the demand for data center server chips also increased, companies are constantly trying to revamp the available technology in a quest to create faster server systems and more energy efficient data centers that will serve the future web traffic surge created by mobiles and tablets. With the growing cloud-based services to go along, one can only imagine the strain placed on future data centers and servers.

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