Samsung Galaxy S III: Possible Problem on the Metal Frame



New suspected problems may afflict some owners of Samsung Galaxy S III. After the failure of cracks that appeared in the back cover, it is regretted by many users in recent weeks. In fact, another part of the device would be small in some cases subject to breakage.

According to images posted by users of the Dutch site,, it would be formed of small cracks in the metal frame of several devices of the Samsung Galaxy S III.

To tell the users that have published the photos, these cracks are not the result of a fall of the device, a shock or a bad case. It remains to be evaluated, of course, what the real issue of the terminals was and if indeed these were not actually victims of minor accidents.

However, Samsung has not released an official comment. We will keep you informed of developments.

2 responses on “Samsung Galaxy S III: Possible Problem on the Metal Frame

  1. Bob Holloway

    My SGS3 (white) has developed a small crack in the silver chassis that wraps arounf the phone. This crach is on the left hand side near the volume button, and the phone has never been in a case.

    Samsung have said they will repair the phone/replace as it’s a “recognised” manufacturing problem, however they also said that the phone will be gone for at least 3-4 weeks. WTF?!?!?

    I cannot do without my phone for that long and don’t have access to another one while the SGS3 is being repaired.

    I really wish I hadn’t have bothered with this phone now and should have waited of the iPhone 5. At least you can take these to the shops and the staff are generally very helpful.

    1. Tom Stacey

      That’s interesting Bob as Samsung have told me the exact same problem is accidental damage and I have to pay £138 to have it repaired!

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