Kazuo Hirai Exposed

Sony will testify at a House privacy hearing on June 2, after earlier refusing to appear. In a letter to lawmakers, Sony also provided further details about the attacks.

An aide for Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R-Calif.), Chairwoman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade, said Friday that Sony has agreed to testify next week, joined by representatives from Epsilon, itself the victim of a date breach in April.

The Whole Kazuo Hirai Enchilada

In a letter sent Thursday to Rep. Bono Mack and other lawmakers, Kazuo Hirai, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment, likewise said that Sony’s investigation continues. Sony said previously that the company wouldn’t appear until its own internal investigation had been settled. ‘ Sony was under attack’ at the time, Hirai explained, and that it had been ‘critically important’ that key personnel were available to address the key issues of the breach.

Sony waited until Monday to tell its customers that its Sony online Entertainment PC gaming service had been hacked. They did not give details. However, many people believe Anonymous is involved with hacking into the Sony system.

This Could Lead To Other Ideas

Millions of online gamers have been affected by the hacking of Sony. It is odd how long the company took to tell its customers that their personal information was compromised. Most gamers just want to look at the Playstation-network online games back on. Sony promises they’ll have part of the gaming back on sometime this week. They are busy protecting themselves. However, they haven’t spent the same time and effort protecting their customers.

Now, with the PlayStation Network coming back online in Asia and in the United States, the company has moved on. The company’s PlayStation blog, for example, has returned to game-related posts; on Friday, the company announced its first official PlayStation 3 headphones.

Now, Sony can begin addressing the governments which began raising questions concerning the breach at the conclusion of April.

Hirai began by indirectly tying the hacker group’ Anonymous’ to the attacks, although representatives for the group, a loose collective of individuals, have denied responsibility.

Initially, Anonymous openly called for and carried out massive ‘denial of service’ attacks against numerous Sony internet sites in retaliation for Sony Computer Entertainment America bringing an action in Federal Court to protect its intellectual property,’ Hirai wrote. ‘ The bulk of those attacks were targeted at services offered by Sony Network Entertainment America (SNEA) and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). Many of the attacks lasted for several days. We now know that at some time during or immediately after those attacks, one or more highly skilled hackers infiltrated the servers of SNEA and SOE. ‘

We discovered that the intruders had planted a file on one of our Sony Online Entertainment servers named’ Anonymous’ with the words’ We are Legion. ‘

However, Hirai also added that the company hasn’t ben able to determine the individual or persons responsible for the breach.

Four servers were initially isolated as possibly hacked. Then the whole system was shut down as other abnormalities were discovered. The delays, Hirai explained, were attributable to the problems in mirroring the affected data to preserve evidence. Sony also indicated that it would be reluctant to reveal technical details publicly, as they could serve to attack other systems or Sony’s own.

Sony said that it was not able to determine conclusively what information was taken, so it assumed each of the 77 million accounts on the network could have been compromised. Users were required to change their password in the framework of a new firmware release, as the framework of the process to resuming PlayStation Network services.

But Sony said that it did not believe each account was accessed, rather a master database containing account information was skimmed. ‘ Available evidence indicates that a database containing personal information for every account was accessed and that we tried to take information from certain data fields in that database,’ Hirai wrote.

Hirai said that Sony knew that login/password information, street address, and online ID information was accessed, but not saying it was actually removed from the servers. On May 1, Sony noticed that SOE data had also been compromised, he said, putting 26.4 million more accounts at risk. Sony believes that the same group is liable for both attacks, he said.

In a more lighthearted announcement, Sony also indicated that it has announced the official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset, for $99, complete with a wireless USB adapter.

Financially, Things Are Not Getting Better For Most


A disturbing statistic was reported at the end of the year. It seems that the number of middle class families still struggling financially has not improved. Things are generally not getting better for most middle wage earners.

This trough has continued since the financial disaster of 2008/2009. As reported, the number of persons  filing bankruptcy has stayed at these historically high rates consistently.

filingIt is possible that the lag in the housing recovery is what is causing this crisis to be extended. There has not been an employment resurgence or a re-elevation in the real estate market. Therefore, many hopeful distressed individuals simply can’t afford to keep living hand to mouth and have decided to start fresh by declaring chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.

If this is something you are considering I would suggest you get all your options laid out in front of you. Bankruptcy is not something to be rushed into, or should be taken with a cavalier attitude. In most areas you can find a law firm that specializes in this area and arrange for a bankruptcy lawyer free consultation

Let’s hope that the job picture recovers and housing prices start to make a steady, continuous rebound. A lot of people have their retirement and savings tied up in their homes. The fact that many mortgage holders are now underwater makes it impossible for them to think about retirement. Delaying retirement of  the older working generation reduces the opportunities for young workers in this tight jobs economy.

To learn more about your options, consumer proposals and the details of various types of bankruptcy you can visit this site: smartbankruptcyguide.com

Smart Advice About Playstation?

When we become aware of the brand Sony, gaming consoles and electronic devices are a few of the first things which concern our mind. The reason behind it is that Sony is amongst the top production brand names of gaming consoles today. Sony is populated for its PlayStation which is amongst the finest gaming consoles on the market.

Numerous of us would understand that PlayStation has been a success around the world which has actually definitely altered the means people see gaming consoles. This has likewise given way for an additional gaming console made by Sony, referred to as the PlayStation 2. When it was released, like the earlier variation PlayStation 2 also became extremely popular all through the world. In reality retail outlets of PlayStation 2 were continued lacking stocks of PlayStation 2 gaming console.

After a very long time Sony has actually developed a new version of the gaming console, which offers excellent entertainment, the PlayStation 3. This is thought to be among those gaming consoles for people were awaiting with bated breath. When you buy PlayStation 3 and you will positively such as to have one of your own, it has numerous different functions and you will also get plenty of free offers.

Going Forward…

When you purchase a PlayStation 3, you will get a free game and a wireless Bluetooth controller. The fundamental setup includes the HDMI function and you can make the most of your PlayStation 3 when you use a High Definition TV. It also has the Blu-ray drive which is a standard for fundamental in addition to premium setups nowadays.

In the same vein.

PlayStation 3 also has Bluetooth wireless controllers readily available. When you play a PlayStation game, this implies that it can definitely let you have an even more delightful experience. With PlayStation 3, you can also upgrade the hard disk. PlayStation 3 also has the backwards compatibility function which allows you to play your old PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games in your new PlayStation 3 gaming console.

More Information Surrounding Playstation

Xbox 360 also provides a couple of the top features in a gaming console. Microsoft has certainly provided sufficient factor to consider to the needs of consumers in a gaming console. Due to the fact that of this, they established and made the Xbox 360 gaming console system that practically has everything that you need in a gaming console system. It has wireless controllers, upgradeable hard disk drive, Xbox Live headset to let you talk with your buddies when playing Xbox 360 online games, WiFi adapter and can likewise be incorporated with the Xbox Live Vision.

It is apparent that, both gaming console system are equally characterized omitting the Blu-ray technology that PlayStation 3 has. If you have a fancy for a gaming console that provides high definition graphics, you need to opt for PlayStation 3. You are sure to have a swell of a time since it offers Blu-ray innovation and advanced HDMI innovation.

There are a number of people who utilize the Internet to make cash through scams that you should be really careful when you plan to acquire PlayStation 3 online and examine the credibility of the site prior to your order, your PlayStation 3. See to it that the site is a legal merchant of PlayStation 3 sellers and you will get real PlayStation 3 and its games and accessories.

You can be sure of an outstanding quality gaming experience with the PlayStation 3. It has the most contemporary technology in gaming consoles, like faster processors, graphics chip along with other elegant functions. All this has made the PlayStation 3 gaming console fairly expensive. You can take full advantage of PlayStation 3 gaming console and get the very best value for your money by discovering PlayStation 3 official release advertisings. It is possible to get discounts from various PlayStation 3 retail outlets.

Tip: Your Upgrade to Android KitKat is a Good Move


kitkatAndroid upgrades is constantly met with extreme reactions – excitement and doubts. While people are giddily waiting for their mobile platform to improve the concern on the impact of the upgrade to their mobile units is always there, too.

However, when it came to android 4.4 KitKat, users were completely psyched to find out that the update is finally released. It came at a very strategic tome when the ios 7 was making a noise on its own, as well.

Proving all our fears wrong, KitKat is undoubtedly meant to make every user’s experience more convenient than ever. However, it may take a little getting used to in order to appreciate the changes.

One of our favorite features of Android 4.4 KitKat is the new lock screen. Apart from the capability of the device to know display an art work, we can also navigate music through the lock screen alone. Yes, you can now seek, stop, or pause your music without unlocking the device. Now that’s certainly handy!

usingandroidThe common concern on the possibility poor performance of an Android unit after the upgrade is immediately addressed by KitKat’s improved memory management. This may not be one of the most obvious improvements with the OS but android 4.4 is actually compatible with devices running on minimum of 512mb memory. This means that even less sophisticated gadgets can still perform faster, specifically in terms of multi-tasking. Similarly new android devices such as Nexus 5 and Moto G are expected to run exceptionally fast with KitKat.

Finally, the best giveaway from Android 4.4 is its highly improved and extremely accurate search function. With Google Now fully integrated in the OS it’s like the your Android phone really knows you too well. This search function, located at the top right of your gadgets, puts into consideration your location, your recent activities, and even previous data stored. It makes any Android gadget a full pledged personal data assistant. For instance, we tried searching for cafes, and the first result was the cafe which was only 30 meters from where we were. Other suggestions included the other cafe places we have checked in to month back, and other new recommendations nearby.

With all these improvements at hand, what else do you want Android to come up with in the next upgrade?

iPad Air Gets Mixed Reactions from Netizens


ipadairApple’s newest full-sized tablet barely made the usual roar that its predecessor did. On the contrary, the most talked about aspect about the new tablet is the rather cold reception of the iPad users during its official launch date last November 1. Several Apple stores from all parts of the world noted significantly shorter lines for the iPad Air tablet, compared to the launching of iPad mini and iPhone 5c and 5s. Some outlets even expected bigger crowd, considering that Apple did not allow any pre-order for the latest tablet.

iPad air is the fifth installment of the full-sized Apple tablets, which first entered the market in 2010. In retains the classic 9.7-inch size, but only weighs 1 pound, making it the lightest and thinnest full-sized tablet to date. Apart from the improved external features, this new iPad is also equipped with the latest A7 processor of Apple, known to be the fastest so far.
Less than a week since the launching of the tablet, we have already gathered a bunch of interesting and diverse reactions on iPad air online.

Why people love it

Majority of the people who were eagerly waiting for the release of iPad Air are already users of either iPad 1 or iPad 2. Most of these stuck with their almost 9-inch tablets despite the massive success of iPad mini. Some people just need wider screen, and the forerunners of iPad air gave exactly just that. But, people were looking forward to iPad Air because of the promise of better mobility given the lightness of the tablet. That is besides the faster processor that comes with iPad Air. For some people, the improvements in iPad Air is beyond aesthetics, and it’s definitely a good catch for those who want to get their hands on the newest A7 processor of Apple. iPad Air is simply the most awaited upgrade for the tablets enthusiasts.

What the cynics say

Some reviews however claim that iPad Air offers nothing revolutionary. By this, people tend to compare the improvement from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4, or iPhone 5 to iPhone 5s. With this, they believe that iPad Air do not have the same value for money as the other gadget versions that Apple has released this year. These unmet expectations likewise prompted some avid tablet users to explore other powerful tablets in the market such as Google Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3. For loyal Apple users, buzz on the release of the iPad mini 2 with Retina display is widely circulating online, with Apple execs announcing its release within the month.

What do you think of iPad Air? Could this finally be the right tablet for you?

Anything Can Go Viral


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a post that gets 10 likes/views and another one that gets hundreds or thousands of likes/views? Wouldn’t you love to know the secret….

The reality is that there isn’t one reason why, there’s 10000230129381203 possible things that could have played a big factor. The most obvious thing is how the post was conveyed. Are you talking about you? Are you framing the post about others? How are you writing?

Don’t talk about you. Don’t talk about others. Talk about what others want to see.

If you’re wanting 100 likes, who from? Frame the post to target them specifically and who cares about the rest of the people in your network (for this one particular post).

I’ve put together a little inspiration for you; here is a list of the top viral marketing campaigns of all time..

  1. Miley Cyrus
    Yes her performance at the awards show was shocking, but it was genius from a marketing stand point. She now has five videos on YouTube that have surpassed 100 million views. To all her haters, you can’t deny the unbelievableness she’s put out over the past few months. Is she really a good girl gone bad … or a pure marketing genius?
  2. The KLM SurpriseP and G Old Spice
    KLM used social media tools to surprise the passengers boarding a flight. They found out more about each of their passengers using social media and surprised them with meaningful gifts. Aside from being a little creepy (hey, that also means more views) it was a super thoughtful and meaningful way to show KLM is keeping up to date with all the social media stuff going on.
  3. Old Man Spice and His Responses
    I’ve laughed at everyone, I’ve even shared his videos with friends that I’m reminded of when watching these videos. He’s absolutely hilarious. Old Spice is smart and their marketers are even smarter. They uploaded 185 videos to YouTube over the course of two days and made sure they had the same toned responses to comments made on the video. Well done Old Spice.
  4. Dollar Shave Club ( a little startup inspiration)
    This guy is awesome. With little budget and a lot of creativity, this video generated a customer base of over 200,000 recurring PAYING customers. WOW. This video is hilarious, and plays well to the pain the company is around to solve. Bravo.


My Gold Plated iPhone 5S


Do you know what Gold Genie is? Well, even I didn’t know until recently when they came up with a gold plated version of HTC One. Yes, Gold Genie is known for gold plating popular gadgets and smart phones.

According to a latest update, Apple has sold over five million units of 5S. Gold Genie has built a sleek, thin, faster, popular and a more vibrant 24-carat Apple iPhone 5S. Due to the increasing demand of 5S it has been estimated that another million or two sets will be sold out within a couple of weeks worldwide.

The 24-carat gold Apple iPhone 5S will be available in black or white tops with the middle, back, and sides embellished in gold. 5S from Gold Genie is made to be grabbed in three different options – gold, platinum and rose gold. It will also feature a trio of designs that have been laced with utterly flawless and astounding Swarovski crystals. 5S will be SIM free and can be unlocked to work on all networks across the globe.

This new gold version of iPhone 5S, which is certainly an object of desire, has been officially unveiled at the Dubai Mall on 27th September at the Collector’s Palace. Take note that a 24 carat gold plated iPad 2 has also been unveiled in Dubai last year. To ensure the exclusivity and uniqueness, every single gold-plated version of iPhone 5S will be individually numbered, and will be presented in a fine, custom made wooden box, along with a certificate of authenticity. How royal!!!!

Apple iPhone 5S

iPhone _5s_review_06-280-90



The new Apple iPhone 5s, where S means “same” brings along faster, new camera and a clever fingerprint reader. But is it enough of an upgrade? The iPhone 5S: a phone that looks like the iPhone 5, but goes so much more under the hood. Is that going to be enough to impress the consumers?


Apple obviously is known of this change, be it the unibody of the HTC One, or the new fight into low-light cameras or the need for a strong processor as a headline to shout about. And to be fair, it’s addressed these needs to some degree or other on the new iPhone 5S.


The design of this new iPhone is almost same to the previous one. theres not much really new here that’s going to help you work out if the person sitting next to you on the train is rocking a new phone.


But on the other hand that’s not necessarily a bad thing either; just because it’s not an unique design, this doesn’t make the iPhone 5S any less premium. It’s still a great phone to hold, coming with great things like the all-aluminium-and-glass chassis. Great no?


Apple has launched the new iPhone with not one, but two, chips that will help it become one of the most powerful phones in the market. The A7 and M7 chip are the new and big thing.


So to say that this is the best iPhone yet is pointless, as of course it was going to be. But the combination of iOS 7 freshen things up with a powerful core and great camera mean that this phone should be considered on its own advantagets, and while the high price will continue to put many off, anyone already addicted to the iPhone bandwagon, or even if they’re just on the fence, will find a lot of joy in a phone that’s a lot more than the new update.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung recently unveiled a brand new device at its Berlin conference, the Galaxy Note 3, successor to the Galaxy Note 2. The Galaxy Note 3 is a large screen tablet cum phone.
Note 3 boasts a huge display of 5.7″ Super AMOLED 1080p display, combined with a 13 megapixel camera, with the fastest chipsets around.The full high definition display is one of its kind, and
The signature feature of the Note series is its stylus. The S Pen has been improved and many apps have been developed and published like, hand writing detection and drawing tools. When you take out The S pen, you are greeted with a menu with shortcuts to S Pen specific apps like Action Memo, Scrap Booker, Screen Write, S Finder and Pen Window. Allowing you to take advantage of the functionality of the S Pen quickly and without a hassle.

The looks of galaxy note 3 are very impressive. With 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm dimensions,, and weighing only 168 g, the Note 3 has a leather back that adds to its elegance.
The Note 3 is currently the fastest device on the market. The fast and impressive Quadcore processor,and an Adreno 330 GPU and a 3gb RAM makes the Note 3 an impressive device to play games on and run apps that require superior display and processing speeds.

Overall Galaxy Note 3 is one of the best, fastest, elegant phablets out there. The much awaited successor of Note II is indeed an expertly designed gadget to have around.



Only recently Asus has revealed an android tablet Fonepad 7. It is basically a tablet-sized smart phone. It features a faster HSPA+ 3G with up to 42Mbit/s download speed and is powered by an Intel® Atom™ Z2560 processor. Android Jelly Beans v.4.2 has been installed in this tablet-cum-smart phone. With Hyper-Threading technology, Fonepad 7 is perfect for heavy downloading, multitasking and extensive navigation. The Floating App allows you to open 6 apps simultaneously. Marvelous, no?

It has a 7 inch, 1280 x 800 resolution LCD screen display screen with 1280 x 800 resolution with IPS for varied viewing angles. Only 340g in weight and 10.5 mm broad, Fonepad is the perfect device for entertainment and surfing.  Fonepad 7 provides awesome visibility in bright light. The 3,950mAh battery has 28 hours talk time, 35 days of standby time and 10 hours of video playback. You can choose from 8 GB, 16GB, or 32GB of storage or add a micro SDHC card. The primary snapper is 5 MP with a front facing camera of 1.2 MP for video chatting. The TriCover case is a very beneficial addition. Made from a durable material, it safeguards both the front as well as the back. It has two mega speakers in the front to be used while watching videos and also to disturb others.

As compared to the original Fonepad 7, this modification is not a very diverse modification. Many specs have not been altered although the speed has been increased, thanks to the upgraded processor. The price is also almost the same.


BB 9720 – A Review

images (1)



Blackberry is back in the arena with a huge bang – the Blackberry 9720. With its splendid design and sensational display 9720 is swaying away swaying people off. Blackberry 9720 was announced in August for its potential customers. It runs on the older BlackBerry 7.1 OS rather than the new and sleek BB10 OS. It is totally affordable and appealing for those looking for an amazing yet budget-friendly phone. BB 9720 has an internal memory of 512 MB a micro SD card up to 32 GB can be inserted. BlackBerry 9720 has Micro-SIM Card Slots and will support all GSM based networks. The display and design of BB are extremely fashionable and elite. It has a 2.8 inch display screen with the perfect and shapely typical BB curves and the standard qwerty keyboard. The phone weighs 120g along with the battery. In blackberry 9720, there is a dedicated and sensitive Volume Lock Power. It is available in different shades – black, white, purple, blue and pure pink. BlackBerry has improved the display with IPS LCD Capacitive touch screen capable to display 16M Colors with a multi touch. It also supports display orientation sensor which helps you to rotate screen in any view angle feasible for you. The rear camera is 5 MP with LED flash, geo tagging and image stabilization feature. It has a stereo FM radio with RDS. It has a li-ion 1450 mAh battery which has splendid battery timing up to 432 hrs and a talk time up to 7 hr and a music play up to 30 hr.