Official Image of the Google (LG) Nexus 4?

Not long ago, an image of what could be called the Nexus 4 has leaked on Twitter.

As you can see, this new image highlights the famous Nexus mobile. A few days ago, the Korean manufacturer LG has formalized the thing simply confirming that they are the technical designer for a ‘next Nexus’ smartphone.

In this picture, there are still many things to clarify:

  1. the notifications bar is somewhat scrupulous yes, we note that the location of the time has been moved to the middle, however there are two temperature indices weather which are displayed on the right. Clumsiness?
  2. one of the system colors have changed slightly with a little less blue turquoise and sky – after this is just a guess – again, we see that the small logo battery has been changed or when Is the percentage of remaining battery?
  3. with Google logo was replaced by the back of the Nexus smartphone, an assumption most likely adopted from the ASUS Nexus 7 , then it is quite possible that this fourth Nexus follow the same path
  4. not really number four, except that this effect is clearly apparent and straw is a bit like a sort of pixel art

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