O2 Simplicity Erases Your Data Woes

O2, the prominent UK carrier, is out with an awesome ‘O2 Simplicity’ plan that will allow their users to select data plans. In a scenario where users waste around £5 billion a year due to allegiance to a wrong tariff, the new Simplicity plan could come as manna from O2.

Ever wondered how much money you are losing due to the wrong data tariff plans on your Phone? O2 shares the concern with customers and is aboard with the new O2 Simplicity plan so as to save their customers from bank wreck.

Wonder what this is all about?

O2 Simplicity is a SIM-based offer, which means you can switch over to it without changing your handsets. Data requirements may vary from customer to customer, time to time, and which will be easily compatible with various tariffs available with the plan.

Plans start from a basic £3 a month, and have three different packages to choose from that can suit your internet usage habits. There are two types of payment options with O2 Simplicity; you can opt for the Pay Monthly or Pay & Go option.

Pay Monthly comes with one month or 12-month package for which you only pay the debit after time period applicable. For Pay & Go you will have to pay the carrier via top up.

O2’s On & On allows unlimited minute, unlimited texts and 1GB of data at your disposal for £26 plan. You can also double the data limit with an additional £5. The carrier also ensures that users will not have to fret about the additional charges when that 1GB/2GB limit dries up, as it will stop once the limit is reached. However you will have to chip a £31 instead if you are jumping to a new phone.

There are different tariffs for the low, medium and high data users, with different talk time, text and data limits. And, the monthly and yearly contracts have a significant difference in the costs too.

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