My Gold Plated iPhone 5S


Do you know what Gold Genie is? Well, even I didn’t know until recently when they came up with a gold plated version of HTC One. Yes, Gold Genie is known for gold plating popular gadgets and smart phones.

According to a latest update, Apple has sold over five million units of 5S. Gold Genie has built a sleek, thin, faster, popular and a more vibrant 24-carat Apple iPhone 5S. Due to the increasing demand of 5S it has been estimated that another million or two sets will be sold out within a couple of weeks worldwide.

The 24-carat gold Apple iPhone 5S will be available in black or white tops with the middle, back, and sides embellished in gold. 5S from Gold Genie is made to be grabbed in three different options – gold, platinum and rose gold. It will also feature a trio of designs that have been laced with utterly flawless and astounding Swarovski crystals. 5S will be SIM free and can be unlocked to work on all networks across the globe.

This new gold version of iPhone 5S, which is certainly an object of desire, has been officially unveiled at the Dubai Mall on 27th September at the Collector’s Palace. Take note that a 24 carat gold plated iPad 2 has also been unveiled in Dubai last year. To ensure the exclusivity and uniqueness, every single gold-plated version of iPhone 5S will be individually numbered, and will be presented in a fine, custom made wooden box, along with a certificate of authenticity. How royal!!!!

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