MSN Messenger Mercury

If you’re looking for Android applications, MSN Messenger Mercury is what you are looking for. It’s fast, no crashes, very easy to use, the interface is very similar to MSN Messenger for PC and you can get updates constantly.

This application for Android has several features in MSN Messenger, such as:

  • File Transfer
  • Voice clips
  • Group Chat
  • Invisible Registry
  • Multiple MSN accounts
  • Offline messaging
  • Displays the currently playing song
  • Improved application launcher
  • Switch between conversations and contact lists
  • Notification events (received messages, contacts, online)
  • Notifications: status bar, vibration, sound, led
  • Chat with your MSN and Yahoo
  • Available in multiple languages, up to 24
  • When the phone starts

The latest version (for all versions of Android, supporting App2SD) comes with the following changes:

  • New search menu in the contact list
  • Displays list of contacts and faster accounts
  • Improved contacts without groups out of place
  • Friend requests arranged, displaying all the messages including plain
  • Significant enhancement of memory usage on accounts with many contacts
  • Enhanced reconnection adds up attempts in the preferences

Download MSN Messenger Mercury in the Android Market and stay in touch with your friends anywhere.

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