Ice Cream Sandwich Still Lags Behind

Android 4.0 is still not right on the device, even if we are to see a slight upward trend. In early April, the Ice Cream Sandwich was still at 2.9% of all smartphones that installed Android as the operating system. This is not really exhilarating, considering that the version was just released several months ago.

Today, there are now 4.9 percent of active Android devices coming into the Ice Cream treat. However, Android 2.3.3 is still in an uptrend. This means, conversely, that it would still take a long time before Android 4.0 really makes up the lion’s share of operating systems.

Also, Android 2.2 and Android 2.1 coming together sums up to over 26% of all Android devices. For app developers, this means fragmentation is no good. They need to carefully consider their applications for which target groups really are and then have the challenge of adapting their programs to these conditions.

Let’s just hope that Google gets the challenge of driving innovation without allowing the fragmentation of hand, now in the grip.

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