Five advantages of Virtual PBX for mobile users and business firms

Virtual PBX or Hosted PBX has plenty of advantages for not juts small and big businesses, but also for mobile users all across the globe.

With new services and even specially crafted apps now available on the Android mobile platform, it is a good time to look at all the big advantages that Virtual PBX brings and the many benefits it offers for businesses both big and small and for Android users across the platform.

  • Virtual PBX is a system that is blessed with exceptional call handling features like virtual receptionist, intelligent call routing, call queue management, voicemail transcription and automatic call distribution, which help streamline and organize all your personal and corporate needs.
  • One of the biggest benefits being offered by Virtual PBX is simply the cot-effectiveness of the entire set up. Since no individual, firm or corporate house actually needs to own and install any expensive equipment, there is no great expenditure in the form of infrastructure to access the service.
  • Greater productivity is assured with technicians and professionals setting up the system in place which suits your own individual needs. This way, you are assured of the best services without wasting any of your own time on installation and with constant technical assistance, you will not have to waste your time in sorting out any disturbances in the service.
  • Greater business opportunity is one of the biggest reasons why more and more individuals are turning towards Virtual PBX. You can simply filter out all the unnecessary calls that you receive through the day and only take the ones that help in taking your business interests forward. This is simply the best way to do away with interruptions.
  • Apart from the cost reduction due to lack of supporting infrastructure, for individual Android users, there is the great incentive of cutting down on telephone bills, since calls made over IP are a lot cheaper and cost-effective. The Virtual PBX apps available on your Android app store should help you in this regard.

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