Beer Pong HD

Enjoy great graphics and addictive game formulas in Beer Pong HD.

Beer Pong HD uses a graphics engine that respects the rules of World Series of Beer Pong.

With gameplay similar to Angry Birds, you have to take the ball to push it back, aim and shoot at your target, which is basically to introduce the ball in the vessels placed at the bottom of the table.

Simple and addictive, you hang out with this free game, even when enjoying a beer with friends in a bar.

With this app, you will have the ability to play online with your friends or just locally offline and share your scores with the rest of the world using OpenFeint.

Key Features of Beer Pong HD include:

  • It is a free game.
  • Graphics HD realistic 3D.
  • Easy gameplay.
  • Many tables varied.
  • Four levels of difficulty.
  • Play online with friends.
  • Scores and achievements online through OpenFeint .
  • Fun “drunk” effect camera.

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