Android Viruses: What to fear?

The young hacker arrested in Amiens, designer virus has infected thousands of Android smartphones, says he has “not been aware of the risks.”

The young hacker (20 years) was arrested last week in Amiens says he was “not aware of the risks” in an interview published today Courrier Picard Monday, October 22.

Suspected of having developed a virus has infected 17,000 smartphones for more than 500 000 euros of damage, the young man has been indicted for fraud and piracy and placed under judicial supervision. He was summoned for a hearing on November 8 before the correctional court of Amiens.

“I was not aware of the risks: for me, the people who downloaded the apps I had copied illegally. They are paying and they got free on illegal sites, “said the young man of 20 years, a native of Amiens, Picardy daily.

A defense that some find awkward: those who scammed tĂ©lĂ©chargeraient illegally (which remains to be proven) is not necessarily an alibi point of view of justice ….

The design of the virus would have taken an hour!

The hacker would have developed dozens of types of viruses since 2011, intended for smartphones running the Google operating system, Android, by the Central Office of the fight against crime in information technology and communication.

The young man began to provide free software download that, without the user noticing, consisted of telephone numbers overtaxed. Users then receive an SMS containing codes that allow, in turn, micro-payments via hacked sites.

The young man would be launched in the piracy game, according to the Mail Picard. “I was in bed, and I had this idea. I had never worked on Android. I went to my PC and I did. It took me an hour, “he told the daily Picard. He adds that he then let the system run without “measure the consequences.”

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