Android Virus Clones Instagram, Angry Birds

Trend Micro, a company specializing in computer security and PC smartphones, has kindly sent an e-mail to announce that they had discovered two new viruses on Android .

Android is often the target chosen by the programmers of malware. The malware falls on Instagram today. Trend Micro has discovered a site strongly resembling the official one, but since its “clone” version is downloaded, it results to a malicious software. It’s the same for Angry Birds Space.

The user believes he was able to download the games successfully, but actually ends up with a virus detected under the name “ANDROIDOS_SMSBOXER.A” that will prompt the user to send an SMS to be able to use the application. The malware will then send messages to various issues and attempt to download other malicious files.

Other games are also involved including Fruit Ninja or Temple Run. The threat relates primarily to the time since the Android OS enables download applications other than on Google Play. However, vigilance is recommended for owners of jailbroken iDevice, although it is better to check sources before using Cydia.

To improve the security of Android phones we’ve compiled a shopping guide of the best applications designed for this purpose.

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