The MID 7033-4 Internet Tablet PC

Coby has one of the last tablet, dubbed as the MID 7033-4 Internet Tablet PC, which adapted to today’s market with enhanced features. The Coby MID 7033-4 has stood out as intuitive user interface of the latest Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It should be possible for an electronic tablet and reader to be combined into a single device that does both jobs very well for an attractive price.

The Coby Kyros MID7033-4 also has a very low price as the previous Coby device. This device also brings 4 GB of internal storage and microSDHC card slot on the side for adding more memory. As for the processor, it has 1 GHz that helps the device to run quickly. It also has Wi-Fi, but does not have HDMI output.

The tablet is light weight at 290 g , and fits well in hand. The screen measures seven inches and offers 800 x 480 pixel resolution, which is a low resolution, but is acceptable for a low budget tablet. The touch screen is resistive.

There are some pre-installed applications such as GetJar, eReader, eMusic, browser, calendar, email, Clock, Calculator, Gallery (Photos and Videos). It is a tablet where you can watch videos on YouTube, check e-mail, surf the web, and more.

Motorola Shipments Banned by ITC

The ITC is passing down a judgement in a patent spat between Microsoft and Motorola. The decision will not settle in the Android smartphone manufacturer’s favor. During December of last year, adter an initial ruling, Motorola was found guilty of infringement on at least one of seven Microsoft patents. It was then agreed by the international body to order an import ban.

20120520-154525.jpg After that, Motorola was then blocked from bringing new smartphone shipments in the U.S., which includes the Droid RAZR. Due to the damage that affected the company’s sales, it is likely that the two parties will try to reach some sort of licensing deal.

Verizon to Activate Global Capabilites for Selected 4G LTE Phones?

Verizon wasn’t hesitant to tease global roaming capabilities for a number of selected 4G LTE smartphones, including the Motorola DROID 4 and LG Spectrum. In a few months, it seems that at least one smartphone is just about ready to do some globetrotting.

20120520-153409.jpg An info sheet on display for the HTC Rezound mentions that the ability to use the phone in 185 countries is “coming soon” with a “global feature.” From hiw it was said, it seems like users may have to pay for a global plan to unlock the built in world-ready radios already to the handset.
Employees are being told to post up similar in-store info sheets for the Motorola Droid 4 and DROID RAZR.

Google Wallet App is Requesting for Root Permission

There seems to b something odd going on with the Google Wallet app. After a the app’s recent update, it seems to be requesting for root access. The initial report says that nothing has changed with the Google Wallet that would need root access.

20120520-152350.jpgSome suggested that Google is doing this to check if a phone is rooted or not, so that they can deny access. However, the app has worked for some users. whether they grant access to it or not.
Another odd thing is that, other users were not able to use Google Wallet after allowing it root access, but were able to use it once they disallowed it. Nothing in the changelog suggests that Google has made this change.

Samsung Galaxy S3 comes a day early for pre-order customers in the UK

Here’s some good news for those who have pre-ordered the phone from the Samsung at Westfield Stratford City. According to Samsung Mobile UK, buyers will be able to collect the amazing smartphones the night before its official launch date on May 30. Therefore, if you’re in town on May 29, pay a visit to the Samsung store starting from 6 PM, and you’ll be coming home with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

20120519-142132.jpgFor those who haven’t pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3, note that you won’t be able to buy the phone on May 29 in stores, as the stocks are strictly reserved for those who have made the pre-order.

Temple Run App Has Been Updated

If you have problems with your Temple Run app, then here’s a good news: Temple Run has been updated to fix “compatibility issues with Android 4.x ICS devices”. Imangi Studios seem to have fixed the major problems. Temple Run now runs flawlessly your Android device will no longer crash when you exit the app. If you are having this problem, simply uninstall reinstall the application.

20120519-141213.jpgAccording to the “What’s New” section, along with the ICS compatibility changes, this release offers general bug fixes, as well as resolving a problem that caused low resolution textures to be used on high DPI devices. Imangi Studios are keen to hear about any bugs from users and mention that they “are committed to making Temple Run the best game on Android!”

Amazon offers HTC One X

Despite the legal battle between Apple and HTC due to patent issues, Amazon, the online retail giant offers the HTC One X at an unbelievable price!

Amazon has long been the savior of those who crave smartphones at cheaper prices. When the HTC One X first came out, Amazon had it for $179.99. Now, the online retailer has the HTC One X priced at a convenient $129.99.

So, what are you waiting for? Get it while you can!


Google Knowledge Graph: Google’s New Smart Search Engine

The Google Knowledge Graph allow users to search for text strings, objects, people or places that Google knows. In the words of Google, this is the first step to building a new generation of engines that understand the world as we understand people.

This new feature will allow us to:

Find what you seek: Now we can tell Google the results that most interest us in our search function. Because sometimes, the language can be very confusing and it shows us more than we need. Now, we can choose how we want to see the results exactly. We will then see it on the right side of the screen.

Find the most comprehensive content: Something that is mentioned at the beginning of the article. Specifically, this function allows to get concrete results and summarize the type of search. We can then see in the right column the content type, wikipedia articles and very similar things.



Apple Blocks the Delivery of HTC One X and Evo 4G LTE to U.S. Markets

A related patent battle has resulted in serious delays in deliveries from the HTC smartphones in the U.S.. Customs cargo hold the models HTC One X and HTC Evo 4G LTE indefinitely, following a lawsuit from Apple.

As reported by the specialized site, The Verge, they have confirmed that indeed, several shipments of such phones models had been held before entering the country. The HTC One X, in particular, is sold in the AT & T online shop, as well as many physical stores.

Apple had already succeeded in December a resolution of the International Trade Commission U.S. against the import of HTC devices with Android operating system, due to a lawsuit regarding patent # 5,946,647 of the company on the block, which covers the automatic conversion of phone numbers and e-mail links that open menus of options.

The decision meant that HTC, which had tried unsuccessfully to strike back at Apple with a lawsuit based on Android patents, could not continue selling phones in the U.S. that violated the patent as of April 19, 2012. The Taiwanese company now faces an investigation by the U.S. Customs Service, which is determining whether those features have been removed from these devices.

The Sony S Tablet Updates its OS

The Sony S Tablet updates its operating system to provide users with exclusive news, in order to optimize the organization of content and applications. Therefore, the Sony S Tablet will come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The users will be able to access the SD card and easily organize the folders fast.

This card will be recognized as “memory expansion”, offering the ability to install and run the apps from it. In addition, users can play video, or decrease the volume of the audio, using it in remote mode.

Facebook and Twitter: Correcting their Interface

Facebook and Twitter. Two of the most downloaded and used application in the android operating system, has given an update that fixes some bugs in their interface.

Twitter for Android aims that from now on, it will improve user experience. The update fixes the problem of avatars not showing in terminals running on Android 2.0 or 2.1; improved synchronization; Top Tweets are arranged along with some other errors that are not detailed.

Meanwhile, the Facebook application enhanced their interface by modifying some parts of its interface design, by having less wasted available space on the screen by the different elements that occupy it. The images are now larger, lesser icons, and there is an improved navigation and usability.