15 applications that must not be missed in your android tablet

The proposed list of 15 applications that do not belong in your Android tablet are:

Dropbox – Dropbox may be the storage system used in the cloud over today and that is why I include in this list of android apps. Once you have discharged, manage, upload and download of all files saved to your Dropbox account from your own android tablet or any device with internet access. Very easy to transfer information between terminals or to have a file on any terminal. It’s completely free to a limited capacity to 5 GB.

Beautiful widgets – Know the weather forecast on your android tablet wing can be easy and yet very spectacular thanks to Beautiful Widgets, an application that provides weather forecasting with a very elaborate graphics and gives us the option to use widgets in our android desktop for quick and easy access to information. It costs € 1.99.

Google Reader – It is the only application from which to read our feed Google Reader favorites but has seamless integration with its web counterpart and sync with Reader is perfect. It is fully adapted to android tablets.

Astro File Manager – An essential file manager in android tablet. With Astro File Manager you can manage all your files, move, delete, move them between folders, create new folders, copy files, and so on. All of a visual and easy to be available for free on the android market.

TweetCaster – Of the few Twitter clients for tailored and using the benefits of the android tablets. A careful interface, capable of multiple accounts, view images or video files, multi-user searches, words or topics. Ultimately, the Twitter client for Android tablets is recommended. And it’s free.

7digital – If you like music, 7Digital gives you access to a music player as well as having a large club to choose topics, albums and purchase them at reasonable prices. It also has a synchronization service and storage in the cloud that makes you have purchased music available in all your android terminal.

TuneIn Radio – In Internet emit a huge amount of radio stations and manage them all and have a convenient and effective access to, nothing better to download and install on your android tablet. With TuneIn Radio, you’ll have access to thousands of radio stations with lots of options when it comes to find them and save them to a favorites list for later use.

Zinio - Zinio gives you access to the largest digital newsstand for the moment android tablets. Magazines of all subjects and in several languages ​​including Spanish are available through Zinio. Search, choose, pay, download and read without leaving the application. Prices of existing digital magazine at a price well more cheapie that you can find on paper.

Mantano Reader Free – The PDF reader is more complete and also free. It is able to open pdf files and epub, with ability to create annotations, underline, highlight text, bookmark position, zoom, and access to local dictionaries or via the web. Easy to use and scan all your files looking for consistent storage and displaying it in a mosaic with lots of detail. Indispensable for your android tablet.

FriendCaster Facebook – If you are someone who frequently use the social network Facebook, FriendCaster is your indispensable application for android tablet. It is optimized and created thinking on getting the most out of a tablet and its screen dimensions. Distributed access menus in a sidebar where you can access all the options and parts of Facebook. View pictures or write ups on the walls of our contacts will be much more rewarding to do otherwise. It’s free.

Zoom Camera FX – In general the tablets have android camera with Zoom Camera FX can do it through it and you can edit, correct, modify, add many effects to catch or already stored in the tablet. Add frames, change the color, brightness, exposure, red eye, crop, change size, make preset tones, and thus distorting effects many more that we can access with Zoom Camera FX. It costs € 1.99.

MoboPLayer – The android tablets come with a very complete multimedia player but the variety of different existing files causes some types do not support or do not read, especially when it comes to video formats. With MoboPlayer almost any video file format is supported including AVI, 3GP, MOV, MP4, MKV, FLV, MPG, MLV, among others. MoboPLayer is complimentary.

Google Earth – The best that we can take our tablets to travel virtually anywhere in the world and see it as if we were there. Google Earth for Android tablets gives us access to thousands or millions of images from around the world visit the world’s most important monuments, down to street level or dive under the waters of the ocean, nothing escapes Google Earth.

ADWLauncher – If you do not like the look of your tablet desktop, if you want to make it more dynamic effects between transitions, faster in them, have a dock for frequently used applications, to choose between thousands of different topics of icons and to fully customize the look of your tablet, ADWLauncher is your application.

AirDroid – The management of your android tablet and files in it are from the computer has never been easier with AirDroid. With this application installed have access from the computer and via wireless all files in our tablet as music, images, video, sms, and contacts. The move files between the tablet and the computer android can be done in an easy, intuitive and fast. Free.


Google Nexus tablets

As many of you know, Google is preparing to introduce a Tablet (Android) Nexus this year. It was recently heard that the first Nexus tablet would be manufactured by Asus.

And now, The Wall Street Journal seems to confirm this. Moreover, the publication cites “people familiar with the matter” saying that Google will sell the tablets directly to its own brand through online stores. This would be similar to what Google did in 2010, when it began selling the Nexus One smartphone online.

Both Samsung (with Galaxys Tabs) and Asus (with Transformer series) have been quite successful in Android Tablets.

The Google Nexus Tablet (manufactured by Asus) could come with a 7 inch screen and Android Jelly Bean, and cost $149.99. At this price, the $50 device would be more economical than theAmazon Kindle Fire, which sold millions of units since its debut in November.

Tank Riders: Fulfill your fantasy of a child and drive your own tank

Today is your lucky day. Today is the day you meet that little erotic fantasy not drive a tank, as well as hear each other, with projectile missiles, plate armor and slow the battlefield. I’m talking about the game Tank Riders, a fun game that should not miss on your Android.

Recruits Wanted!

Suitable for face countless enemies, there are vacancies in the 153rd Squadron, which will have to use with your mates a tank and go killing all the enemies you see on your way.

What we get in return?

Honor! That’s something you can not ever buy and it’s something you must get in return for your effort and dedication.

The theme of the game is entertaining and fun, certain occasions, when we take a few missions prove a bit repetitive, monotonous and something always in the same pond. The multiplayer mode helps a little in that respect, getting out of campaign mode to get into the online world.

What if you will notice at first is the difficulty of moving and controlling the firing of the tank, unlike Gunbros or Guerrilla Bob must control yourself where you want to point from the screen, something that is very uncomfortable, because if for example the tank is situated in the upper hand we move to top.

The game is available on the Google Play at a price of 1.52 euros.


Android 4.0.4 Nexus reaches S, Motorola Xoom and Galaxy Nexus

Android has a big problem with Ice Cream Sandwich, the updates are being made to wait too long and the latest version of Google’s operating system does not reach the pace that the guys in the big G would like. So it’s a very great newsthe new version of Ice Cream Sandwich, the 4.0.4, just arrived from a Nexus S official, the Motorola Xoom tablet and obviously the Galaxy Samsung Nexus.

This new version, which must be done via OTA update is a very great news for Android fans that gradually we see as more devices are attached to the ice cream sandwich.

Google itself has been who gave this good news through their social network Google + , which have confirmed that over the next few weeks will be getting the upgrade to these devices.

The funny thing is that this new update is only available for Wi-Fi version of the tablet Motorola Xoom and the GSM version of the Nexus S. One thing I can not understand but as I am not programmer I have to assume that is normal.

Anyway I think that in this respect Google is doing things badly. It is true that it is not directly the fault of Google if manufacturers are not put batteries on the matter, without the problems caused by all the garbage with impunity injected carriers when anchored Android smartphones, but given the importance of Android for Google, I think they would have to whip manufacturers wanting to be put to the batteries.

Anyway, playing wait and see when it officially updated the hundreds of models that can handle without problems Ice Cream Sandwich and still use the Gingerbread platform.


Photos of ‘Barcelona, ​​Yesterday, and Today’

If you like the city of Barcelona and would like to learn more about what the city for years, with this application, ” Barcelona, ​​Yesterday and Today “, you can travel through time, from Barceloneta to the Tibidabo, and compare more than 150 parts of the city (and more will be added on a regular basis) of how they are today and how it was 100 years ago.

The application will let you know when you are located near one of the photos stored in the register and send a notice to your Android. With this, you can buy the real situation of decades. You also have access to the full list of sites you have, located on a map, satellite view ,and even augmented reality.

Results and Betting

If you are someone who likes football, basketball or tennis, or you want to stay informed at all times of the results and also know where and how to perform your best bet sports? Then let SportyTrader be your ally.

Find out the results soccer, tennis and basketball in real time from your phone with Android at any time, quickly, and free. Furthermore, SportyTrader can follow the evolution of the matches of your favorite team alerts. The application has a section where you can bet good forecasts, choosing the best return possible available for your bet.

-Football, Tennis and Basketball 
- Results and live scores. 
- Live Alerts goals. 
- Classifications. 
- Forecasts football, tennis and basketball 
- Tips on sports betting and odds comparison. 
- Tips to bet live.


pulWifi Android. Displays default passwords for wireless networks in several models of routers. There are certain routers supplied mostly by internet operators themselves or ISPs. They bring passwords for wireless networks by default, a string in the name by which we can know what is the password.


Once the networks have looked to us, they will appear next to an open lock on a green or a closed padlock on red background. If this is the first case, then the network is vulnerable and can be accessed by clicking and copying the key you provide. If instead the lock is closed, there is nothing to do in that regard.
We may not see a single key but display a list of them because by that router have created several different keys and can depend on the date of creation or the version of firmware.

Fifa 12

Experience all the action of your favorite sport like never before! The games come to life with superb graphics, a vivid animation and realism.
More than 22 official leagues, 500 licensed teams and more than 15,000 official players. Skip to pitch with superstars like Kaka, Wayne Rooney, Gerard Pique, Karim Benzema and many more. From the Premiership to La Liga, German Bundesliga through, win your league and reach the glory in 32 real stadiums.

Cut the Rope: Experiments

Surely many of you have played or heard of this great game. Cut the Rope, a dynamic and fun game, that due to the great success it has continued to have the developer wanted to include a ZeptoLab new version of the game.

Cut The Rope: Experiments is a new series of the game. They have updated and added new levels, have transformed the game with the same mechanics. But as we saw Angry Birds in Space, we play a bit with the laws of physics to solve each of the levels.

The Samsung GT-i9300

After the Samsung GT-i9300 leaked on the internet, many have said that this would be the new Samsung Galaxy S III. However, a profile of user agent (which appeared last month) said that the device has a screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, the most appropriate resolution for a Tablet than a Smartphone. The confirmation comes from the fact that the i9300 (which, obviously, runs in the image under Android ICS) has some specific applications of S Pen, including Memo S, S Planner, and S Suggest.

The 5 and 10 inch Galaxy Notes are the only Samsung devices that use S Pen technology, so it is likely that the i9300 member of the Note series. Unfortunately, details about the launch are yet to be announced. As a regard for the Galaxy S III, this could be released as soon as April, and is likely to come with a quad-core processor, a high-definition screen of 4.7 in. (1280 x 720), Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, rear camera 12 MP ,with recording 1080p at 60 fps video, and a slender body of 8 mm.